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Desc:The music just kills me
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:monkey, bonobo, MONKEYgory, N.W.A.O, eventual downfall of man
Submitted:Shoebox Joe
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Comment count is 15
I for one, would like to welcome our new chimp overlords.
They're not chimps. Chimps are horrible animals that rape frogs and eat faces.

All those black monkeys look the same to me!

Jet Bin Fever
We're genetically more similar to bonobos than chimps.

They also masterbate constantly

Jet Bin Fever
so like us.

That was impressive.
That guy
What, the costume?

Really was waiting for the camera to pan over and reveal another bonobo playing the harmonica.
infinite zest
I was hoping that too. Probably just Michael Nesmith

American Standard
Neat trick. Doesn't mean much about bonobo intelligence, though. I'd bet the rent there's a human just off screen, directly ordering him around and lighting the fire for him.

For those that don't know, this is probably Kanzi, an ape that's been the subject of a long-term study of primate intelligence, like Koko the gorilla. His keepers claim he can "speak" by using a board of pictograms, but also like Koko, when a rando not directly tied to the study team tries to converse with him, the results are just gibberish. Not bad grammar, literal nonsense.

Anyway, five for easily misinterpreted and carefully choreographed spectacle.
You mean he didn't go out and buy those marshmallows himself?!?! FAKERY!!!

Kanzi definitely has a much more impressive vocabulary than Koko and does respond well to casual informal sentences. He definitely has shown that he can understand combinations of words and concepts enough that I don't think speak is that much of a stretch.

He knows hundreds of objects by name and is able to combine those words into slightly different ideas. I've seen him interact with people outside the study group using words that weren't jibberish in the context. I'd be interested to see where you saw that.

There's a documentary about Kanzi on Youtube that's definitely worth watching if you're interested in primate intelligence. They show quite a few tests that challenge his understanding of his vocabulary.


All my stars for Kanzi. And all the bonobos.

Honestly, I feel better about this donation than any other:

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