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Desc:Directed by Abel Ferrara.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Fashion
Tags:don johnson, miami vice, cocaine, ACTING!, Abel Ferrara
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Comment count is 13
needs an "ACTING" tag
Not by Miami Vice standards it doesn't.

(also I don't have room)

Obviously I changed my mind.


How about a David Johansen tag?

I can't choose one to drop for it. I actually didn't believe it was him at first, I thought he gave up the drag routine years before this show.

Jet Bin Fever
I remembered this one the second I pressed play as "That one where that police lady with the ridiculous face paint shoots the guy then feels bad about it."

I have a serious question for you guys, which do you think is more detestable? Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" or Philip Michael Thomas' "Just the Way I Planned It"?
MY stars are for slightly chubby scumbag cop, the real star of maimi vice.
The first Ferrara-directed episode is so dark that they followed it up with a whole episode about that guy, his sidekick and the two comic-relief "ethnic" informants. Don Johnson has like 3 lines in the whole episode.

Have I mentioned the low level Miami Vice obsession I've had all spring?

Miami Vice is great. I kind of forgot how crazily violent it can be for an 80's tv show. People get shot right in the face!

and they used Shriekback and other obscure 80s bands on occasion for the soundtrack!

I wonder if dxj ever made an appearance?

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