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Desc:'Warning: Contains sex, yaoi, yuri' (with cartoon animals)
Category:Pets & Animals, Crime
Tags:furry, yuri, Yaoi, The Lion King, fan music video
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 14
Billy the Poet
How about a tag for "there's no way in 1,000,000 years i'd click a video with that preload image?"
Killer Joe
Preview image.
I've never had to write that, and that's the kind of shit I don't like to read.
I look forward to the other comments, though.
Don't get your hopes up. It's just editing via close-up and looping to make it look like Balto and the Lion King characters are having congress with someone off-camera set to a pop song with sex-oriented lyrics.

It's about as X-rated as other looped Disney GIFs where something moving in a repetitive manner means it's humping something else.

Jet Bin Fever
Someone spent time to make this.
infinite zest
Someone spent time to do something else to this too. I was expecting the rapping dog from Titanic to show up. Maybe he does the music.

Caminante Nocturno
I imagine that the people who made Balto spend every night crying as the faces of everyone they've hurt hover over their beds.
the fuck does "ship" actually mean? Worship? Relationship? I've tried looking it up but I can't devote that much effort to it.

Does "I'm going to ship Snape and Mickey Mouse" mean I am going to make them fuck? Does it mean I really like those two? WTF?!
Huh, this girl kinda really wants to have sex with cartoon dogs.
I'm not sure she knows what sex actually is.

Caminante Nocturno
Exhibit A for both of the above comments: This video.

I completely lost it when she photoshopped Bambi fucking Lady.
This is...special.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Now do a Norman McLaren/Flatland ship.
Maggot Brain
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