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Desc:The worst, or best, campaign ad ever rapped
Category:Video Games, News & Politics
Tags:final fight, mike haggar
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 16
MacGyver Style Bomb
Wait, are they trying to imply that Haggar is... straight?
I guess that depends on if it's the American or Japanese version of Poison. The Japanese version still has testicles and a penis. The American version is post-op.

How does having gender reassignment or whatever the correct term is these days is (correct me please) make you homosexual?

Jet Bin Fever
that's the most poorly informed argument I've heard in a long time Nikon. The presence or absence of genitals has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

MacGyver Style Bomb
It was more about the fact that he looks like he stepped of a Tom of Finland etching.

I don't think Haggar would approve rap music.
Suites I and II!
Nerdcore... Need I say more.
I really hate nerdcore rap. Its music for those who like rap, wanna rap, but are white and boring so they end up just rapping about videogames.

Would it be ok if they rapped about ponies?

The only prowrestler that can rap is John Cena, he's even totally served random challengers from the public who try to free style him on the street, which is a huge mistake cause that's where he learnt to fight AND rap. Don't let the casual homophobia in his raps fool you, he's ok with the gay as he has a gay dog or uncle maybe, I don't know.

Possibly Scot Steiner can be considered a rapper too though that's more art-house abstract poetry.

Jet Bin Fever
I can never tell what your taste is going to be Cena. You love ponies and stuff but hate nerdcore?

Cena, like every person everywhere, has multiple faces, each as confusing and complex as the next

If it's Pinkie Pie rapping about ponies, it's OK.

We need a new beat-em-up with Haggar.
MacGyver Style Bomb
By the way, this whole channel is a captivating train wreck.
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