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Desc:Apple promo film shown at 1984 sales meeting
Category:Business, Stunts
Tags:parody, ghostbusters, apple, mac, Steve Jobs
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Comment count is 8
"film shown at sales meeting" could be a tag and a war crime at the same time.
Is there an "Exhibit A" tag?

"When the Big Machine wants to take control / Just to keep your store, gotta lose your soul" Oh, 80s Apple!

It's like watching a student film made by a starry-eyed Trotskyite in 1918.
Pretty sure this is a dupe. Don't care.
Shanghai Tippytap
That just kept on going, didn't it?
For a little background, in 1984, IBM was using Microsoft's DOS, but IBM (Big Blue, as it were) was the 800lb gorilla of the computing world. They had about billion in revenue, which was double that of Apple and everyone else (oh, my beloved Commodore 64!) combined.

I guess this made IBM feel so bad that it lurched into bankruptcy, paving the way for Microsoft... right?
Look at those plucky rebels go! Happier times before they became -the 800 ton- rapist gorilla from 'Congo'.

I sat quiet for about 20 seconds at the end to help duplicate the awkward silence in the conference room after this was shown.
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