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Desc:An Urban Gaming Legend from my childhood.
Category:Video Games
Tags:conspiracy, Portland Oregon, mk ultra, polybius
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 20
Killer Joe
What is this shit?
"Weasel words."

Even the MK-ULTRA IZ REPTILOIDS! crowd know they're putting out malarky, and much like in politics, the worst thing that can happen to them is to lose credibility by being definitively proven wrong.

By ending every sentence with a question mark, "presenting evidence" without a conclusion, asking the viewer to conclude what they will, etc. later lets them off the hook when someone tears down their little house of Tarot cards. They weren't 'wrong," they were just "reporting what evidence there was at the time." Then they talk about how Obama is a reincarnated Pharaoh or something...

Is it preposterous to think it was ancient aliens?

You're only allowed to do so if you have the proper hairdo.

I saw a video that laid out a theory the MKUltra program used the cabinet as a test aerosol-LSD-delivery mechanism, used on the kids playing the game. They argued what few people remember playing the game all remember it differently, but all describe what could have been an LSD trip.

But then, the video also had an annoying narrator making sex puns over everything.

SPK - you mean like this guy?
static.comicvine.c om/uploads/scale_super/6/69852/3127277-humans-ancient-aliens-guy.j pg

Binro the Heretic
Like I wouldn't recognize a "Tempest" machine even with a fake name photoshopped on top.
It's not even photoshopped well, either.

Good eye.

America's Army was used on post. Saying it was used for "training purposes" is a HUGE stretch; it was a cyber-cafe thing so my fellow Army dorks could unwind while maintaining their violence level, but yeah, OK conspiracy theorist guys, half-point to you there. Three-quarters point if you consider the actual intended use, which was to help recruitment drives.

Too bad the game sucked.

Eh, probably. Well, Yvan Eht Nioj!

Prickly Pete
Inifinite zest: QUESTION! Did you investigate this game because you saw it featured in one of today's "flashback" articles on cracked.com? Or is this just a coincidence?
infinite zest
I've been into it for years. It was actually the ET landfill thing that me remember it. There's better videos and playthroughs of fan-made versions so here's the stupid History Channel version, but it's a really fascinating story. My older brother's friends would talk about it when I was a kid, at least in my town it was like the "Bloody Mary (x3)" of video games. I could have sworn I saw one at this old arcade called Games People Play specifically on Southeast 82nd and I think Raymond in Portland.. right where Super King Buffet is now when I was about ten, so this would've been 1992. I could be wrong.. I went there because they had free pinball, and admission was only 3 dollars.

Anyway, it was sort of lore out here, like the Ring and I was terrified of playing video games until I was about 8 because another one of my brother's friends got sick from Zelda. His parents took away the nintendo and his father became an alcoholic. He still stares at the trains from the bridge. Every day, what goes in those trains I wonder sometimes. Maybe they all carry Polybius.

infinite zest
Specifically it was about 1998 or so when it got on the internet, because that was about the time that IRC and Usenet became available to most of the general public, at least in Portland. Before that, it was all urban legend via word of mouth.

I was actually surprised that I couldn't find anything about it on this site. I'll read the cracked article.. as I do, keep in mind that I don't know if Seanbaby wrote it. He and I were tizzight back on #gameconnection dawg

Prickly Pete
It's one of the "flashback" ones for today where they link to older article. Idk when it was written but it was "X video game urban legends that turned out to be true," or something like that. Polybius was #1. I had never even heard of it until today and then right after reading that I see this video on poetv.

infinite zest
cool. Maybe cracked should hire me. If you're out there I always thought you were funnier than MAD. Seriously.

I know a Cracked.com writer.

He's the biggest piece of shit I've ever encountered via text on the internet. Like, so cosmically annoying and tediously "wacky" you want to puke.

infinite zest
Cool! I'm cosmically annoying but I'm also very tediously serious. I have to attach this to my portfolio :) I kind of lost track of, well everyone after I gave up videogame journalism for a philosophy BA and career in arts admin.. it'd be fun to get back into it! Because I worked for Sega I got to smoke weed with Bad Religion at e3 as part of a promo for Crazy Taxi. Those were fun times.

"SEARCH: KnowYourMeme, Polybius, video game"

So is Know Your Meme is the Loose Change in all of this?
The powers that be have been trying to hide the truth about Polybius, that a bunch of kids got absorbed into the machine by the Bishop of Battle.
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