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Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Zizek, kung fu panda, philostopher
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Comment count is 17
Jet Bin Fever
I wonder how he feels about Shrek.
Crab Mentality
I can dig this guy. This is the first I've heard of him, but I like his viewpoint.
Check the tag, there is plenty there.

I mostly like him a lot, and when I disagree with him on stuff it's usually because he seems to be a bit of a Freudian.

The whole "we're going to take psychoanalysis seriously" thing in contemporary continental philosophy is baffling to me.

I don't know, I've always thought the backlash against psychoanalysis was a big overreaction. For every ridiculous idea Freud had he had at least one idea that's so fundamental to how people view themselves and society now that we forget it even came from Freud. I think a lot of the trouble is that people tend to read his case studies and examples as if they were meant to be somehow definitive, rather than being illustrations of a process. I think the PROCESS has a lot of merit still, even if Freud and his followers' applications of it in the past haven't really aged so well.

Urkel Forever
This man is an utter phony and the people who think is insightful are lemmings going off a cliff. He is hilarious though.

Well, he definitely had some good insights. Civilization and Its Discontents is worth a read. It's just that it's primarily an attempt to answer empirical questions about the mind using armchair speculation and a few case studies rather than rigorous research. He was by all accounts a brilliant therapist, and there may be merit in emulating his method there, but his generalizations about how the mind works and the way people develop are mostly worthless.

Urkel Forever
Nope, he's a phony. The wonderful thing besides his humor though is that he surely knows he is a phony and that people still buy it.

Oops, pronouns. I was talking about Freud. Haven't read Zizek.

That guy
The whole contemporary continental philosophy thing is baffling to me.

infinite zest
I want to know how this topic came up. Did Charlie just run out of things to ask and say "have you seen any good movies lately?"
Slavoj, buddie, i think you are reading too much into this movie. Just saying.
Wait, gravelstudios, this wasn't yours?
Shit, sorry. I meant misterbuns.

Also any number of stars for the philostopher tag

That guy
Paging misterburns

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