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Desc:Neat video on how the ghosts decide what to do.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:ghost, pac-man, AI, arcade, programming
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Comment count is 11
This made me a better Ms Pacman player. Imma go pick up girls at the arcade.
Now do dig dug. Goddamn Fygar
What's the point of doing all this if your Ms. Pac-man machine lets you control the ghosts and make yourself invincible and such?
I learned things.
If you thought this was interesting, check out The Pac-Man Dossier (just google it). It's a website all about Pac-Man, and goes into even more detain on this topic.

What color will your ghost be when YOU die, poeTV?

Orange all the way here.
infinite zest
I want my ghost to be teal. I think teal's coming back in a ghoulish way. Either that or skeleton ghost, nah that's way too emo.

I'd be rainbow colored. I'd call myself Rainbow Ghast.

Was there another video on here about PacMan ghost behavior? I know I've seen tutorials like this before, but not this exact one.
PBS Digital did one that was circulating around the time that this one got popular, but it was based on this one (and cited it).

Anyone remember Curtis Powell from Old Man Murray days, a possibly retarded man who believed he was the reigning champion at Ms. Pac Man?
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