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Desc:Episode 1
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Eating, hamsters, burritos, tiny hamsters, tiny burritos
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Comment count is 14
infinite zest - 2014-04-30
Like what if these were the giant feral hamsters and those burritos were actually ten times the size of regular burritos? What say you then, Mr. Chef, is that why you're so stressed out? Because you know that they could eat ten of you? If you didn't make the burritos to their liking would they devour you, your family? It's the year of GLAD, and I'm not happy.
infinite zest - 2014-04-30

BillLumbergh - 2014-04-30
I'd say that is one normal sized hamster.
Binro the Heretic - 2014-04-30
All hamsters are tiny!

Adham Nu'man - 2014-04-30
Creatures so small, they could only be friends!

Binro the Heretic - 2014-04-30
I've had a truly lousy couple of weeks, but this still made me feel good.
ashtar. - 2014-04-30
How to make fat hamster.
jangbones - 2014-05-01
Call back!

duck&cover - 2014-04-30
Puts the "nom" in microgastronomy.
infinite zest - 2014-04-30
He puts the Burrow in Burrito

spikestoyiu - 2014-04-30
That was just one hamster though
infinite zest - 2014-04-30
Fun fact: 9 hamsters died while making this. At least he had the courtesy to use the plural, unlike another movie that should have been called "MILOS AND OTISESES"

The Mothership - 2014-04-30
delightfully silly.
Innocent Bystander - 2014-05-01
Where's his tiny bowl of guacamole?
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