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Desc:Trailer confirms that Godzilla is indeed in this movie and oh hell is that Rodan?
Tags:Godzilla, bryan cranston, Ken Watanabe
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Binro the Heretic
And didn't we see Anguirus in an earlier trailer?
Somehow this looks fakey-er than the previous trailer. Is that because the audiences have seen more of the classic Kaiju films and expect a little "model railroad getting crushed by guys in rubber suits" look to these films?

Don't get me wrong, I loved 'em back in the day, but that Rodan fly-by looked kind of... bad.
The part where Godzilla's foot comes down looks so fucking fake like they literally could have made it by filming a rubbersuit and adding some post production. Just one of many hokey shots that the trailer alone has in it.

What is super sad is that this is a superior movie trailer.


Probably going to be a better movie too.

Sexy Duck Cop
Nothing makes you fucking nerds happy, does it?

Quality over quantity, and other impossible things.

Actually, my question was more about technique and cultural expectations, but if it comforts you to get angry, who am I to judge?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm fucking happy! Rodan for the win, bitches!

infinite zest
I stopped caring after "whatever it is they're guarding so carefully." As far as I know, Godzilla was awakened by Nuclear a-bombs and stuff and was never a military secret. That whole theme is pretty played out. Oh no! Mr. President McWhatchumacalit didn't INFORM the people that.. shit this is gonna suck.
Around 1:10 they have a mushroom cloud but it's probably them using nukes against the monsters or some shit since it looks like the Breaking Bad fella is about to get hit in the face with it.

The funny thing is, I could totally believe that if it was only the United States that didn't know Godzilla existed. "Meh. Who watches the news, let alone reads a history book?"

infinite zest
I could eat my words: I was pretty negative towards the Nolan reboot of the Batman movies, making them more "realistic" by using Wayne Enterprises' military technology for things like the Batmobile, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were (at least the first two; still haven't seen the third.) In at least one Godzilla story arc the government had some information.. I think it was Godzilla 2000. But some coverup? that's not a way to start the story. That's how it works in Transformers, I think, where the robots have been used for all these crazy new devices like iPhones and coffee makers, allowing for a forced Jetsons-like scenario wherein a toaster attacks Shia Lebouf or something like that..

Pacific Rim, for all of its horrible acting and attempts at humor, did a good job of the "oh shit Kaiju are here now what do we do" just like Evangelion and Attack on Titan with their Angels and Titans respectively. This just reminds me of Independence Day, where they OH MY GOD AREA 51 IS REAL! WHY OH WHY DIDN'T WE DO SOMETHING SOONER? Instead of focusing on Godzilla, who IS a friend to the earth, but not necessarily people, and doesn't mind crushing lots of shit along the way.

infinite zest
Also everyone's up-in-arms about TMNT, but at least you can tell that it's the turtles, just in CGI form. If you showed me a still of Godzilla from this trailer and asked me who it was, I'd probably say it was one of the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Doesn't look like Godzilla any more than the Roland Emmerich one to me. I think that it's actually Mothra and Godzilla might still come out of the sea.. I don't know fuck it I'll still see it.

These are for you zest.

Never change and stay zesty

I watched Gojira yesterday, as well as the MST3K with Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, and the WWF match of monsters.

This trailer is not remotely close to the quality of either movie. It looks like Asylum tried to make a Pacific Rim knockoff.
The Asylum _did_ make a Pacific Rim knockoff.

and it was called Godzilla.


infinite zest
Atlantic Rim, despite the fact that there's no such thing, was actually more entertaining than Pacific Rim. I like to watch a movie about Kaiju because there's Kaiju. I don't want one fight and then an hour and a half of backstory for undeveloped characters.

Should'a been Baragon.
Gorosaurus. He looks more like Gorosaurus than Godzilla, anyway.

Oscar Wildcat
What, no Minilla?

*locks and loads*
Personally I think they should have gone in another direction, with a story along the lines of that Joe Lansdale's short story "Godzilla's Twelve Step Program"


"Saturday, Godzilla goes to the beach. A drunk monster that looks like a big turtle flies by and bumps Godzilla. The turtle calls Godzilla a name, looking for a fight. Godzilla remembers the turtle is called Gamera.

Gamera is always trouble. No one liked Gamera. The turtle was a real asshole.

Godzilla grits his teeth and holds back the flames. He turns his back and walks along the beach. He mutters a secret mantra given him by his sponsor. The giant turtle follows after, calling him names.

Godzilla packs up his beach stuff and goes home. At his back he hears the turtle, still cussing, still pushing. It's all he can do not to respond to the big dumb bastard. All he can do. He knows the turtle will be in the news tomorrow. He will have destroyed something, or will have been destroyed himself.

Godzilla thinks perhaps he should try and talk to the turtle, get him on the twelve-step program. That's what you're supposed to do. Help others. Maybe the turtle could find some peace.

But then again, you can only help those who help themselves. Godzilla realizes he can not save all the monsters of the world. They have to make these decisions for themselves. But he makes a mental note to go armed with leaflets about the twelve-step program from now on.

Later, he calls in to his sponsor. Tells him he's had a bad day. That he wanted to burn buildings and fight the big turtle. Reptilicus tells him it's okay. He's had days like that. Will have days like that once again."
This is going to be the best movie of the summer you fucking bastards. I am not even watching the trailer because I don't want to spoil any more than I have already seen.

Sanest Man Alive

I kid, I myself am a little annoyed at all the trailer footage I've seen so far of Bland Army Guy and His Bland Girlfriend sighing desperately at each other. I didn't watch The Graduate to see kaijuu battle each other and destroy a metropolis or three, and I didn't watch Godzilla vs. the Hedorah to see humans trying to understand their own feelings and coming to terms with the end of innocence. But I will watch this and hope my annoyance is just for crappy trailer editing.
Oscar Wildcat
Counterpoint : I would love to see The Graduate recast with Kaijuu. Or perhaps The Big Chill. That would be fucking wonderful.

John Holmes Motherfucker
The more scary sound effects they add to the trailer, the worse the movie is going to be.

History shows again and again
How nature points up the follies of men
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