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Desc:Everyone is this video is awful. Mark, shutup.
Category:General Station
Tags:ASU, christians, homophobia, white people, unhinged
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Resubmit:Hugo Gorilla

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Comment count is 9
Voted out of the hopper so someone can resubmit the video and I can finally see what this video is about. Five stars in advance, thanks!
Hugo Gorilla
Resubmit in progress. Although it's missing the last ten seconds where preachy sign man tells Mark to shut up.


Man, Marcie really needs Peppermint Patty to help ground her.

Much better response to sign guy: "You and your generation are dying off, and our generation will be happy to see you go. Good luck on convincing Jesus that he hates fags."

Man, what happened to Weird Paul?
My eyes are terrible so the only words I could make out were: "WARNING" "FORNICATORS" and "JUDGEMENT DAY". Apparently, that's all I needed to know.
Binro the Heretic
Mark is an asshole. He probably waited his whole miserable sorry life for an opportunity to do something like that.

That was the climax of your life, Mark. Everything else will be an epilogue, just one slow dreary slog to the grave.

Enjoy it, you prick.
I hear a goat at :40
Jet Bin Fever
Yep, everyone in this is dumb and shouldn't be doing anything that they are doing in the video.
Isn't this exactly what these people seek to accomplish by holding those retarded signs?
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