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Desc:It's not a DR game without at least one piece of over-the-top American 'social commentary'.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:dead rising, Psychopath, vidja games
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Caminante Nocturno
All of my stars are for the seifuku-Servbot-gogo boots combo.
Fat people will forever be a part of zombie movies, since they actually exist, horrific stuff can be inside them, and because everyone loves/hates the Boomers in Left 4 Dead.
Don't get me started on everything wrong with this game and sequence.
This has that Postal 3 / Duke Nukem Forever vibe.
You played Postal 3? I like Postal 2 okay enough (it had a lot of ambition and some pretty interesting FPS mechanics), but the reviews of P3 made it sound like the worst thing since Bonzi Buddy.

Postal 2 was one of my favorite FOS games ever. Was Postal 3 really as bad as reviewers said it was? I'd assumed the P3-bashing was just a symptom of modern criticisms' stick-up-the-ass approach to anything even remotely raunchy or sophomoric (I don't miss the xtreme edgy 90s, but I'm not convinced the farty old hipster Teenies are any better), but I have never played P3 and it could well be crap.

No, I never played it, for all I know it's a fantastic game.

That really sounds like Joan Cusack, and the character looks like a morbidly obese version of her. Hmm...
I think the fact that the player chose to dress his character in a sailor schoolgirl outfit with thigh-high heeled boots says more about America than a stereotype of the morbidly obese.
Don't judge, please.

America is guilty.

Well I, for one, am proud to live in a country where young men can aspire to be Servbot sailor strippers.

So Lloyd Kaufman was a consultant on this right?
Father Avalanche
nothin quite like repeatedly shooting an obese woman in the face with a shotgun.
this game has you one-shotting zombies to the head, but greasy mcfatlard is apparently made out of butter armor

Jet Bin Fever
Haha! She's disabled and stabbed a guy with a fork!
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