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Desc:It's OK, Oddeye, we all have dry spells.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, power rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, make my monster grow, rita repulsa
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Comment count is 23
I am seriously jerking it as I type this. I will post and rate based on how hard my orgasm is. Thanks ever so much.
Definitely 5 stars. Held my breath early and hung my head over the edge of the couch.

Why did she have to die?

What's the point of jerking it if she doesn't die?

Unless she is strangled to death during orgasm that's a pretty gross thing to say EvilHomer and you should be disgusted with yourself.

Her orgasm, or yours?

infinite zest
Heh.. a girl this morning was asking me why I like to talk about random things during sex like Sonic The Hedgehog or Attack on Titan and not the typical things guys say when in the act. She's like do you ever just get super serious? In response I said "like make my monster grow" this morning.

Koda Maja
If sex is uninteresting enough to feel the need to have a conversation, you're probably not doing it right.

I'm not doing it right, that's my problem. My wife is the greatest person in the entire world in every regard but one.

infinite zest
It's none of my business really, but with me 8 years of marriage left my sex life pretty stale: it was kind of my own fault for not addressing the issue sooner, instead just focusing on "let's do fun things together as a married couple, most of which involve copious amounts of alcohol.." I should have figured it'd lead to one of us making a poor decision and cheating, in her case leaving with the guy. As I tried to hold the whole thing together I found out little things like she was really into getting came on, liked role playing.. all this from a midwestern girl who had had sex exactly once before meeting me. I tried to do all of those things but it was too late and it felt forced. It's like "shit if you had told me before I could've mentioned that I knew what bukkake was when I was 13.." in my case it was too late. The attraction to the other guy was too strong and we called it quits while still in our 20s (I got married when I was 20, btw) and sometimes I still feel the bruise, but there's ways to figure out that one part about marriage, and most of it's using the voice instead of using the cock.

I'm not about to spread the details of my sex life about the internet, especially when my identity can be easily tracked, however....

Like you I married young and to a girl I knew a long time. She also hadn't been broken in, so to speak. At first everything was fine, we explored and grew together but a few years down the line it just hit a brick wall. I still wanted more and more but she relapsed to only two things: getting oral (which I enjoy) and missionary. That's it.

So like you I also tried to communicate my desires. We watched sex ed videos, I bought her various books and of course I tried having "that chat" many many times. I spent the next few near sexless years just trying to get her to tell me what the fuck she wanted and trying to get her to at least put her hand on my knee for fucks sake. Finally I started to just flat out ask her to lick my dick and other trivial things that she used to previously do, all of which would be rejected. This would really ruin the 10mins a month I would get to pork. Although I get it more often now, it's still the same bring stuff from yesteryear.

So yeah, I fee your pain buddy. Let's form a support group.

infinite zest
Even more than Skeletor, Megatron, or the rest, I think Rita Repulsa was my favorite villian that you loved to hate. Not because she was a real person and not a robot or a skeleton, just such a lovable antihero.

What is it about Rita Repulsa that brings out details of poesters' sex lives?

I think my favorite kid's show villain was either The Shredder (for being such a cool pantomime villain) or Phaeton (a remarkably sophisticated and nuanced character). Special mentions to MumRa, who scared the crap out of me and is probably the most legitimately sinister villain of all the classic 80s and 90s shows, and Robbie Rotten, who is wildly entertaining but came out far too late to qualify.

"I am seriously jerking it as I type this" should either be a tag or poeTV's slogan.

infinite zest
We picked up where August Dvorak left off.

Koda Maja
Being a writer on this show must have been the easiest job in Hollywood.
infinite zest
Maybe I'm getting the story wrong, but when I was in Japan I remembered seeing something very similar to Power Rangers but with different actors. So yeah basically all they had to do was use a couple of editing tricks and add a story about the Power Rangers doing something typical of high school shows before going back to the original footage of them fighting monsters.

Dude, that's how they make power rangers. They just use Super Sentai, edit out the regular people stuff and put in some American teens drinking soda and shit. At least that's how they used to do it, not sure about the latest series as I don't watch this can o' cock-juice show.

plus most of the footage was from Japan so it was already made!

It really is something to watch these clips as an adult.

This shit was incredible to 7 year old me. 29 year old me has to wonder why.
The green/white power ranger's actor is fucking hilarious on Facebutt.
Jet Bin Fever
I gave up on Power Rangers after the first few episodes and never went back. I was in 1st grade at the time.
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