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Category:General Station
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 12
Oscar Wildcat
Oh come on, these are replicants. No voight-kampff test necessary.
Adham Nu'man
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


Oscar Wildcat
Just skin jobs. The girl's a basic pleasure model; the boy is a manservant. These units don't seem to be working well at all...

Adham Nu'man
The PUA always rings twice.

This is one of few videos where my disgust starts happening immediately without even knowing what is happening. I couldn't watch it. Five stars for instagross?
Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, made me feel weird too. It stinks of sexual exploitation somehow.

So, from what it looks like, they is a 'no good guys' situation where you got some Chinese guy staking a claim (that is a fairly common cultural behavior here, I've seen it a few times in the month I've been in Guangzhou so far) on a girl that doesn't want his advances, but then you've got a sleazy white albino that is using sleazy white albino moves on the girl that is likely dazzled by whitey (anglophiles do exist here).

Basically, you've got shallow girl between sleazy white guy and misogynist Chinese guy. Whoever wins, she loses.
Oscar Wildcat
Do elaborate. I was thinking that the girl was punishing her boyfriend by fucking the foreigner; is the hand holding thing something you do after meeting someone?

I've seen some Chinese guys get super...claimy?...basically, they take the club them over the head approach to meeting women, which is one reason why they strike out so often as China modernizes it's culture.

I was at a bar the other night and witnessed some girls there approached by a group of guys that they plainly didn't know, who proceeded to get gropey and kissy about 2 minutes into approaching them to the obvious disdain of the girls, who were submissive but uncomfortable. I'm not saying it's the normal way guys act, but it's there and it happens.

That and I'm taking the annotations word on it that this dude was not her boyfriend. It claims he the Chinese guy was met her 10 minutes before and that the girls were actually with the white guys to begin with. Now, I dunno if that is true, either way, everyone in this video seems gross, but I think this was just two different styles of PUA, and east meets west of shitbaggery.

All the romance of a bar of Xanax being set upon by a slowly spreading dollop of mayonnaise.
...and the comments: "That's a Hong Kong guy! A mainland Chinese guy would kick the foreigner's a**!"
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