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Desc:'Girl games' are a strange genre
Category:Video Games, Fashion
Tags:girl games
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 15
Creative stump dressings.
The music and sound make this.
It's a nice fusion of "90's sit-com incidental" and "porno."

Not far off from what I've been going for lately, myself.

Beware the related videos. BEWARE.

So who on poe plays this, I know one of you must.
infinite zest
I tried playing a game similar to this about performing spinal surgery. It was incredibly graphic.

The finger injury videos are following me around now. After every video; would you like to see some bloody, ripped off fingernails? crusty fungus infection fingernails? We know that's what you like, ashtar.
I hate you, youtube.

Killer Joe
Wait, that's not a special stage? That's the whole game?
This is someone's fetish.
Jet Bin Fever
The "oooh!"s must be from the staff in the ER.
The Mothership
It's like one of those ASMR videos that cater to a really oddly specific scenario and about as creepy.
infinite zest
That's my reaction every time I cut myself cutting carrots too. Smile through the pain girl. Keep smiling. Big daddy's gonna be right here. BITCH WHY ISN'T MY CARROT CHOPPED UP!?! OH I KNOW, YOU WENT TO THE HOSPITAL AND THEN YOU GO AND GET "CHEERED UP" WITH A PEDICURE AND A HORRIBLE HAND TAT. MEANWHILE MY CARROT HAS BEEN RENDERED USELESS DUE TO BACTERIA :(
Why did she have to get injured?
Caminante Nocturno
I'm assuming that the "OOOOH!" sounds are coming from the doctor.
That guy
The 'about' text on youtube is pretty good Engrish.
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