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Desc:I just saw this on the local old people TV station
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:commercial, Holy, Flex Shot, calk, not billy mays
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Comment count is 13
Fill up huge cracks and holes with your caulk.
Jet Bin Fever
I hope he's marketing a line of hearing aids next.
This is the new Billy Mays. I always hated that damn Vince Offer and so did Billy. Phil Swift is awesome. He has a cannon and every commercial involves him boating.
he should have sealed the opening of that cannon, THAT would have been an impressive demo.
holy fuck
That guy
Is that all you can say after you blast a bunch of holes through the bottom of a metal boat, that you stood on its transom, with a giant cannon?

It's going to be sad when Chris Chan kills this dude; I'm glad he has a cannon for self-defense.
infinite zest
Haha. I see this on TV once in a while but usually sans volume. When did I start finding commercials and infomercials like these more interesting than regular TV?
infinite zest
Also 30 years?!? I kind of want this, even though I don't own a home or a large bucket. The man sold me. I'll buy one for my hole family.

Dear Henry,

I found a solution to the bucket problem.

The Mothership
aaaannd here you go.

This makes me wonder if a parody of Mays has ever been done portraying him doing everyday things like reading a bedtime story, ordering drive thru, talking on the phone, having sex etc using that voice.
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