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Riskbreaker - 2014-05-14

What a waste of a perfectly good slushie.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-05-14

Unfortunately, that's just what the old lady wanted, martyrdom and a chance to be nasty to someone who thinks differently from her.

Old_Zircon - 2014-05-14

I'm always so conflicted with this stuff, because on one and it's totally counterproductive but on the other hand it's profoundly entertaining.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-05-14

pretty much

Both of these people are irritating as fuck.

Old_Zircon - 2014-05-15

Yeah, I tend to be more annoyed by people who I actually agree with that do stupid, counterproductive shit, that's why the Tumblr social justice crowd makes me crazy.

Old_Zircon - 2014-05-15


urbanelf - 2014-05-14

"Yap yap yap yap yap yap"

Two bitches on the rag. What's new?

memedumpster - 2014-05-14

You shouldn't throw slushies at bigots. What if she'd missed and hit a car?

spicediver - 2014-05-14

Urgh. Not exactly helping the cause, sister.

baleen - 2014-05-14

If she was holding a sign up saying "All Niggers Are Going to Hell" would you feel the same way? I mean, slushies are fairly harmless. You can't sit on a Christian highhorse and piss all over people and expect nobody to care.

infinite zest - 2014-05-14

While I think pacifism is great, you're not exactly going to get your point across in whereverthefuckthisis Michigan by holding up a sign that says the opposite message either right next to the person or across the street. Judging from what I saw of this video and the people in it, something a lot worse could have happened to a girl standing alone with a gay pride sign then a slushie to the head.

I read the sign wrong at first and thought it said "buying" and not "being" which is a whole other can of worms. There's a sort of indoor farmers' market near my house that'll probably never open because it was made semi-public (is facebook really public if you're old and don't know how to change your "people who can view this" settings) that they have homophobic personal stances. Like they wouldn't boycott them or put up a big sign that says "no gays allowed," they're just of that generation. Kinda like my own grandparents. But they're getting the shit protested out of them anyway.

The sign's also kind of weak: I'm sure we've all seen much worse. I was having a beer (actually a few beers) with a priest at the church I work at who is openly gay and we got into a discussion about Pope Francis after I said he's "gay friendly." No, he replied, "gay accepting." He went on to tell me that if you read the bible completely literally, yes, it tells you not to be gay. It also tells you a lot of other things. But "acceptance" is the key word, not friendly, because well enemy is the opposite of friendly. This woman's sign is not hate, it's just non acceptance. She's still a cunt for taking it to the streets instead of just posting a few things about how she's glad her son/daughter's not gay on facebook or twitter, but I think that slushie deserved a better target.

memedumpster - 2014-05-14

Didn't Francis flip out recently when he found out gay people were adopting? He's just a propaganda tool, not a new church.

Oscar Wildcat - 2014-05-15

In the Christian's favor, Leviticus does clearly spell out that turd burgling is offensive to God's sensitive Eye. But you can cheat on your wife by fucking a slave girl ( 19:20 ), just don't round off the ends of your sideburns ( 19:27 ). And let's not even get started on the mortal sin of shellfish eating ( 11:12 )

Man, I really miss bible study.

theSnake - 2014-05-14

I would have raped her LOL

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2014-05-15


jreid - 2014-05-15

Ignorancy. Complete ignorancy.

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