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Desc:aka a high school for future convicts.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:failure, awful, vice, psychopaths, educational crisis
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
17:15 - bus ride from hell
I went directly to that and realized how easy my bus rides used to be in school.

I enjoyed my junior high bus rides thanks to a boy named Paul Henry. He was a year ahead of me and was a big kid with noticeable facial hair.

Paul didn't say much but would frequently do something to keep us entertained for the 45-minute ride. I remember one day he took three full sheets of the Seattle Times paper and wadded them up, one by one, and shoved them in his mouth. He slowly chewed the giant wad of paper into a pulpy mess; ink-colored saliva dripping down his chin. We all just watched silently.

When we reached the school, Paul took the baseball-sized pulp mass from his mouth, turned to the back of the bus and hurled it so hard at the bus that it exploded into a large circle of dark pulp. He looked at it like a painter might look at a painting after the last stroke. We looked at him and went off to class telling stories about Paul.

Jet Bin Fever
My guy was named Mitch. He had liberty spikes and a fake leather jacket with safety pins all over it. He would bring screwdrivers (the drink) to school every morning. Poor kid.

Caminante Nocturno
Mine was named Jerry. One day, just as the bus arrived to school, Jerry stood up from his seat, pulled a gun out of his backpack, stuck it in his mouth, and blew a hole through his skull the size of a silver dollar.

You should have seen the looks on the bus driver's face.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Part 2


part 3


part 4


part 5


I'm not kidding when I say this is one of the most amazingly depressing documentaries Vice has ever made.
Jet Bin Fever
I don't find it very depressing, really. There's a lot of hope in these segments. These are kids, and they have a lot of capacity for change. There are some great adults in it too, trying to help them out. I like Frank Williams a lot.

My real-life job often involves teaching kids at the college level, ones who had similar problems when they were at the age depicted in this documentary (middle / high school) but have since overcome them.

The high level of structure and adult intervention does help them at those ages, but the problem is, in college many of them cannot make the transition to higher education's more "hands-off" style (you make the choice if you go to class or not; professors don't hound you if you don't hand in your work; it's your responsibility to keep up with the class material and not fall behind) and they just quit going to class and eventually fail out.

I taught a remedial English 90 course this spring and out of 18 students, 7 completely stopped coming after two or three weeks when it became clear that nobody was going to force them to do the work that was required of them.
I did a tour of duty in a school like this, back when I was about thirteen. I made it out in a year, thank God, but they're shit-holes and honestly, if anything, the VICE crew is understating how fucked up they can be.
Jet Bin Fever
That's incredibly cynical to say, especially since you were only 13 years old and had very little idea what the other kids were going through. Things are always horrible when you're 13.

Oh, we had plenty of ideas what the other kids were going through, thanks to groups and the fact that delinquent kids love to talk about why they're delinquents. Mostly drugs and child abuse. Some of the grownups liked to blame gangs, but honestly? A lot of the gang kids, the gangs were the only thing that WASN'T dysfunctional about their lives.

One positive thing I will say is that at least the math teacher is trying to teach. That's rare; usually, a school like this, the faculty is either too burnt out or too busy babysitting to even bother with algebra. Not that all the kids were stupid, no - one of my roommates, a street kid who got scooped up by the state when they found him trying to raise his own brother and sister in an abandoned apartment, wound up going to MIT years later - but the lessons are generally just a formality, to appease state licensing boards.

But who knows? Maybe the algebra teacher was just teaching for the camera. I'm sure everyone's trying to be on their best behaviour, in whatever manner they define it.

So you take all the most unruly, emotionally troubled, anti-authoritative, shittily parented, fight prone, violent, uncontrollable kids of the classes, and shove them all in class together.

What could possibly go wrong!?!!??!?
Jet Bin Fever
It's far better to put them together with special instruction and guidance so that they can learn from each other than to separate them into schools where they never realize how ridiculous and inappropriate the behavior is.

Dairy, most things you post are pretty dumb, but this takes the cake.

Bonus points for adding the label "shittily parented", as if the parents aren't under a lot of pressure themselves.

"Yes, we would parent our children appropriately, but we're too lazy. Also, we're horrible people."

The world according to dairy.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Well if anything it keeps children who don't try and actually kill each other safer from the ones that do feel homicidal.

It only keeps the regular kids safe during school hours. Meanwhile, like prison, it helps the crazy kids pool their resources and learn new, ever more fucked up ways of being a little bastard.

For fun, read the comments!
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