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Desc:Everyone is 100% cube satanic.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:School, satan, 666, cube, SuperLuminous1
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Comment count is 18
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-15
Hexagons are terrifying, man.
SolRo - 2014-05-15
100% satanic is pretty hard to get and expensive, plus most people cant taste the difference unless you go under 80% devil content.
13.5 - 2014-05-15
I was really upset when I first found out that all aspects of human society and culture were devoted to the worship of Satan, but eventually I just figured there's nothing you can do about it
Sputum - 2014-05-15
i winced when he said "me and my son" like half way through
13.5 - 2014-05-15
This is the dude who also bleeds his kid and makes him stare at the sun for various occult reasons

Gmork - 2014-05-15
Call CPS. Not kidding. Bleeding your child for reasons of insanity is one step away from boiling your hair fingernails and child in a cauldron.

misterbuns - 2014-05-15
Be sure to catch the video his kid just uploaded where the child babbles about the occult nature of minecraft.

exy - 2014-05-16
This IS the staring-at-the-sun guy? It reminded me of him, but I didn't realize it was same dude. Fuck. It's time to launch a campaign. 'Scuse me ...

http://www.54evil.com/discussion/1083/seriously-can-we-call-cp s-on-this-guy

Ok. Seriously. Let's make this happen. Fuck this shit.

dubz - 2014-05-15
I've seen this guy on here before but never looked at his channel... quite the conspiracy compendium. Check out the description for this video:

"Everyone is Satanic and can't detect it.
See my channel for truth immediately. You cant detect it but you take your energy from the one true sun above your head & feed it to the black hole sun 24/7.
You send your bio field energy directly to satan all day. You drink Satan's fluoridated water, religiously you eat his poison enriched foods, GMO's, You breath satan's chemical air, you drink & eat satan's poison pasteurized dairy/milk. You can't see the black cubes, the rings & the eye of Saturn(satan in Latin) is on everything you touch all day. Everyone worships the false sun instead of the one true sun that shines on your face & gives you life. . We were sun gazers before the reptilian aliens took over earth & gave you a reptilian core to your brain(responsible for fight or flight) See any chart of brain. Look at your old 1st-4th grade class photos w/all the kids- blow up the eyes of everyone kid x kid & eye x eye; you'll see 90% of the kids have 1 snake eye. Everyone is a slave of satan & can't detect it. Just think of the game "Pac Man" the moon eating your soul. The moon will recycle your soul back into a 666 carbon based body/embryo & you'll remain a blind little satanic worshiping -Little Zeus worshiper the rest of eternity. Jupiter & Saturn are brown dwarf stars trapped in Dyson Spheres(look up Jupiter & Saturn gives off more heat then absorbs from the sun & look at a pentagram the symbol of satan/Saturn its a star in a sphere. They rub it in your face its called "lesser Magik; they use it to remove your blood off their hands.
You still worship the sun but its the black hole sun. You don't see it till pointed out to you. I love you. See my chan for truth if you have the courage to face reality."

All that crazy woven together, with a Dyson Sphere on top.
RocketBlender - 2014-05-15
Praise the sun!

Gmork - 2014-05-15
This guy definitely wouldn't like my tattoos.
Azmo23 - 2014-05-15
inferior manhole cover design
just ask every douchbag who ever interviewed me for a job ever
RocketBlender - 2014-05-15
Fuck, this guy again. I'm honestly surprised some internet group hasn't found out who he is and reported him yet.
Redford - 2014-05-16
At some point he deleted many of his videos (including the ones where he had his son "swear in blood" against Satan) so I'm pretty sure something happened as a result of that video being posted here. Sadly this has had little lasting effect, he's re-uploaded them.

infinite zest - 2014-05-15
I don't think I've ever seen a hexagonal manhole cover before, not that I was really paying that much attention. I kind of sucked at geometry but wouldn't that be able to fall back down into the sewer easier than a circular one?
exy - 2014-05-16
Yes, just like every non-circular shape. Satanic indeed

Kieran27 - 2014-05-16
Damn, went to this guy's channel and watched his video on how Jesus is actually Satan. Grade A crazy here. I lost count of how many times he said "You call me crazy? You know I'm right!" I really hope when his son grows up he can step away from the crazy man and breathe easier.
OxygenThief - 2014-05-16
Jack William Atkins1 month ago

Buy a square foot of land from Dunans Castle Scotland and become 3 dimensional.
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