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Desc:Ben Krasnow demonstrates how the brain controls muscles
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:SCIENCE!, good idea, stimulus, twitch, Ben Krasnow
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Comment count is 10
Uh..., there maybe should be a limit to the things you experiment on your garage.
Goddammit, on IN your garage.

This isn't even the most horrifying thing he's done. I'm still debating whether to submit one of them that I saw a while ago...

Oscar Wildcat
Just between you, me, and the NSA.... The USAF preferred method for calibrating your TMS coils is to put them on a table and place a quarter on the front face. Then fire the cap bank. If the next step is to pry the quarter out of the drop ceiling, you've got sufficient rate of change of B field to do some experimenting.

The Mothership
When I worked at Radio Shack, we found an old plug-in electromagnet in the back and started playing with it. We started messing with the computer monitors, cause in the early aughts we were still using greenscreen POS tills, and so we about half-ruined some of those, and then I thought it would be cool to see what it did when brought close to the body. Got it a little too close to my head, and felt pretty weird for a few minutes after some momentary skull numbness. I still don't have an adequate explanation as to what I did to myself, but it hasn't hurt me none; I can still read the writing on the walls.
Robin Kestrel
He should build an armored suit and fight a bear.
Ha! Sonny Chiba fought bears without armor.

Jet Bin Fever
I want to know what his day job is. Because if this is just his hobby, holy shit!
He works for Google in their hardware engineering division.


(At the time he made this video he worked for an MRI manufacturer. Then he had a brief stint at Valve.)


Jet Bin Fever
Damn, that's a really impressive resume. Good for him.

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