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Desc:In which our stupid host, i mean, 'intrepid' host, goes full MRA on screen
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:white people, conservatives, Andrew Klavan, mra
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Comment count is 20
The Mothership
Oh for fuck's sake.
Sudan no1
It does not surprise me that Lex Luthor is a MRA.

Didn't watch, just take the 5.
I watched the whole thing and now I feel dumber.

Love the wallpaper: big guns, Ronald Reagen, bald eagles and Jesus. It doesn't get any more stupid and cartoonish than this.
Cherry Pop Culture
Baldo here reminds me of the guy that sexually assaulted me. I'm getting creep vibes from him.
trigger warning!

Also if you are serious then that sucks and I hope they catch the fucker.

Oscar Wildcat
Yup. He's got one or more girls duct taped to the radiator in his basement.

A five second google search indicates that International Men's Day is on November 19.
Yupt. In big, bold letters.

He's ugly, obnoxious, willing to say literally anything for a tiny smidgen of attention, and looks like a talking penis.

The MRA's couldn't have chosen a better mascot.
Maybe Ann Coulter?

They do agree with her women shouldn't vote stance, but I think she loses them when she puts her opinions in books instead of on Youtube.

I hope he overcomes his cancer.
Wow. How come this has such an upvote percentage on YouTube? Usually the swift and merciless hand of popular justice comes down on this shit.
He's had all of the divorces.
Word graphics report the important information! Take notes!!
That tie was obviously designed by a man.
A straight man!

Spaceman Africa
It's like 2 Gryphon's shitty older brother.
Jet Bin Fever
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