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Desc:I never realized he was so prolific!
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:video games, Gilbert Gottfried, voice acting, ACTING!, AFLAC!
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Killer Joe
"Oh, I got the recessive genes. All of them..."
Tough American Bouncer
Hmm. His voice over would makes Mario less irritating.
I would pay for a Gilbert Gottfried Dota Announcer.
Jesus Christ. How did they not do Richter Belmont's sequence from Symphony of the Night?
I would kill to hear him do "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!"

infinite zest
"Still befriending humans!!?! I don't care if you don't come back to our side but I'm gonna steal your inventory now! Hahahahaha!" I think that's how it went down. Loved that game.

Caminante Nocturno
The second I saw Resident Evil, my heart was alight with excitement.
Prickly Pete
I could watch him do this for hours. Many sequels need to be made. I could use some House Of The Dead in the mix.
Suffer, like G did?

infinite zest
I kind of felt bad for Gottfried after the Fukushima thing. It wasn't funny and way too soon but I could see other comedians or writers doing the same thing and laughs all around the table. I'm not proud to admit this but I was watching a Seth Macfarlane cartoon.. can't remember the name but it's all shorts and one of them is "having sex with Gilbert Gottfried." It's one of the funnier, most self-deprecating things I've seen in a long time.
Gottfried's big mistake was making tasteless jokes about Japan while working for a company that does a HUGE amount of business in Japan. I suspect that if AFLAC didn't have so much business there they wouldn't have done a thing, since he wouldn't have been...

...a liability.

infinite zest
Oh yeah. I forgot he was the duck voice. I looked back at the tweets and they're really bad. Does kind of beg the question though.. not sure if Ricky Gervais does product placement too but he's kind of known for telling off colored, too soon jokes and then kind of laughing at himself telling them because he's a big lovable British teddy bear. Context is everything (look at what almost happened to Stephen Colbert) but I wonder if those jokes would've gotten him in as much trouble if he had a personality more like Gervais'

Jew Ro Dah
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