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Desc:This happened in 2008. No one noticed.
Category:News & Politics, None
Tags:paris hilton, america
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 16
Oscar Wildcat
I had no idea Mitt Romney was so hot!
I'd have voted for her, if she was running for president of having human excrement shot into her face by the worlds largest fire hose until she dies!
John Holmes Motherfucker
I'd vote for her, if she was running against ANY REPUBLICAN.

Man, she REALLY looks like Sarah Palin! Glasses and a dye job, and you're all the way there.

I'd vote for Boxxy, but only if she ran as a Pirate Party candidate.

Actually, I would vote for any Pirate Party candidate that got on a serious ballot, but Boxxy especially.

infinite zest
Unfortunately she was born in 1981 so she can't run for at least two more years. Definitely couldn't back then.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
You made me laugh Scrimm!! :D

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Still laughing... You cracked me up!

haha, yeah, I don't remember saying this, but I cracked myself up a few years later. Way to go 2014 me!

I would vote for Kim Kardashian if she ran on repealing the PATRIOT Act. We all know it would be president Kanye anyway.
Prickly Pete
I'ma let you finish but James K. Polk was the greatest president of all time! OF ALL TIME!

(note: I know nothing about the history of my own country, so if Polk was a shitty president then replace that with someone good. I assume there were some good ones in there)

infinite zest
I only remember him because of the Oregon Treaty thing. 54 40 or fight motherfuckers.

Thanks to Polk we have Texas. Whatever else he did, it wasn't worth it.

Job creator!
Jet Bin Fever
Blow job creator!

Prickly Pete
1:00) But if if you're gay just make sure you don't consummate it because you probably have AIDS! Google "paris hilton gay aids" for reference point...

1:15) what is it that's "a vocabulary don't"? Is that something backmasked? What could possibly need to be censored in a Paris Hilton video? Or am I just not able to make it out?

2:05) Hahaha WOW how are you going to have a song packed with complete fluff and then slip something like "water boarding is torture" in there?? Where the fuck did THAT come from?
Pope Caius
The vocabulary don't is a clip of Bush saying "nucular".

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