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Desc:Frontiersman Burt Lancaster has it out with villain Walter Matthau in, well, a whip fight
Category:Classic Movies, General Station
Tags:whip, Burt Lancaster, Walter Matthau
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Oscar Wildcat
-1 star for missing the extremely important scene preceding this, where Bodine's boy looks at Wakefields boy, and a hank of rope, and smiles...

I was just flipping channels a few months ago, and stumbled right into this scene. I did in fact think of this website. And here it is today. Wonder.
infinite zest
POETv's become this collective (un)consciousness. Guess what I'm thinking of (it's not naked ladies) and I'll bet it'll show up in the hopper in the next 24 hours. It's kinda creepy.

Also I was thinking about naked ladies. Off to the naked ladies store I go.

infinite zest
See? It just happened! I was listening to Soft Airplane and someone put a Chad Vangaalen video in the hopper. Vote it up he's too cool! This has nothing to do with whips anymore.

That guy had it rough. Not only did his opponent have a whip, but the tree stump only pretended to have his back until the end when it bailed out of the fight on him.

Fuck you, tree stump, you're a jerk.
infinite zest
Hey it's a whip fight. No shoe throwing jeez! I wonder if this is where Bill Murray's horrible Whipmaster thing from SNL got its birthins n such.
infinite zest
I immediately take back the "horrible" Proficiency with a whip takes many years to achieve..

infinite zest
Old link's owned by NBC, new link's shitty quality, not taking the time to resubmit from some crazy site but it was actually funnier than I remember. I needed something to cheer me up today :)


infinite zest
All things considered this seems pretty violent for 1955. I still haven't seen it (I really don't like westerns that much.. so sue me) but my dad was telling me that the death of the Western he enjoyed so much kind of died with Peckinpah's Wild Bunch which was like 14 years down the line. Instead of just falling down in elaborate ways with no blood, the bad guys.. well they got shot and blood went everywhere. Kind of like the Storm Troopers when (I'm assuming) we were kids got shot vs. Darth Maul (I'm assuming this isn't a spoiler) gets cut in two pieces.
This needs a headbutt planet earth tag
Jet Bin Fever
rootin' tootin'!!
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