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Xenocide - 2014-05-23

Well, there's a preload image that won't leave my mind anytime soon.

Quad9Damage - 2014-05-23

She's just trying to get the spiders out. This video should change its name to Gross!

Riskbreaker - 2014-05-23

Nope, never playing this. Fuck this shit, fuck these people and fuck their savage primitive cult funded by a fucking pedophile.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-05-23

Same here, not watching.

Will gladly donate to any cause working to eradicate this awful practice.

matlock - 2014-05-23

Same here. I was rattled enough watching the other video of the fat white Chicago cops terrorizing the salon owner. I wouldn't survive this one.

matlock - 2014-05-23

Binro's comment steered me to search for a FGM prevention charity. There seems to be a shit-ton of 'em, and, of course, I can't tell which ones deserve money. It's like a part time job just researching the individual charities. If I find one that looks decent, I'll post it back here, but if anyone knows of one already, do share, please.

magnesium - 2014-05-23

http://www.charitynavigator.org Is a good place to start when looking for well run charities. Oxfam's gift donations include a donation specifically to end FGM https://secure.oxfam.ca/unwrapped/gift.php?gift_id=27
Other than that, I'm not sure. It's the type of issue that requires sending trained individuals into villages and towns and trying to talk them out of doing something they honestly believe is beneficial and then hoping that they'll listen.

Riskbreaker - 2014-05-23

Charity? No, these people need to be launch into the fucking sun. That or banning them from reproducing, and spreading their bronze-age rituals to other lunatics.

matlock - 2014-05-23

The prominent anti-FGMs I found were FORWARD (http://www.forwarduk.org.uk), 28 Too Many (http://www.28toomany.org/) and Daughters of Eve (http://www.dofeve.org/). I know this video is about this happening in America, but I'm thinking about places where this is an accepted/legal practice.

I couldn't find those in charitynavigator (which I believe only reports on US-based charities? great link, though, magnesium). If I find out the other 3 are dirty or ineffective, I may get some mileage out of that site. Of course, that research will to wait until I sober up, so, maybe Monday.

To Riskbreaker's point, I'll gladly make a donation toward sterilization, but the kind of scratch I'm donating won't go very far toward launching anyone into the sun.

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

Well, really though what were their options?

Jews and Christians already owned the rights male genital mutilation by the time Muhammed started taking meetings.

EvilHomer - 2014-05-23

I was wondering how long it would take for male genital mutilation to rear it's skinless head.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-05-23

Your comparison would carry more weight except male genitals still function perfectly and circumcised men can still derive pleasure from sex.

You'll therefore have to forgive me if I think female genital mutilation is a more pressing problem.

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

really more of a joke about sex and religion than an activist slogan don't get your beards all tangled.

EvilHomer - 2014-05-23

Binro - Well, certain forms of female genital mutilation may arguably be damaging, in particular Type III procedures (where the entire vagina is sewn shut) and clitoris removal (which would obviously result in severe and permanent damage to a woman's ability to derive pleasure from sex), but aside from those, would you consider FGM to be acceptable? Or, at the very least, no less acceptable than MGM?

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

okay, you guys can go back to justifying slicing up baby penises now.

EvilHomer - 2014-05-23

Don't back down, own your comments, misterbuns! There's a great deal of serious criticism to be found from the MGM crowd, either in favor of FGM (a popular rallying point for post-colonialists and post-colonial feminists), or in opposition to *both* FGM and MGM (a rare position, but one I've been hearing more and more frequently).

EvilHomer - 2014-05-23


http://www.vice.com/read/is-male-circumcision-a-form-of-genita l-mutilation

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

not sure what there is to argue about.

this is like the most obvious moral issue ever.

cutting up babies' sex parts is fucked up gross and wrong.

if that isn't true, than what is?

EvilHomer - 2014-05-23

"Cutting up" is a rather loaded term that depends greatly on one's frame of reference, don't you think? It isn't like crazy-eyed Jews are running around with butcher knives, gleefully hacking off baby cocks. When you say "cutting up", yes, it sounds bad, but you could also say "performing careful surgical procedures on" and suddenly it doesn't seem so sinister.

Anyway, do you object to mutilation across the board, or just the fact that it is non-consenting babies who are targeted by genital mutilators? Would you be in favor of voluntary *adult* genital mutilation?

Bobonne - 2014-05-23

EvilHomer: Yes, no, and yes.

It seems to me the only ethical way to handle this stuff.

Five for evil.

spikestoyiu - 2014-05-23

I'm circumcised. My wiener looks great and it's not gross. I don't remember the actual circumcision. I'm sure it sucked for like a day or two. Worry about your own hog.

Old People - 2014-05-23

Yeah, it's okay that they do bad stuff today, because other people did bad stuff long ago! I mean, it's not like they have any other options.

baleen - 2014-05-23

No. Male circumcision is not the same as removal of clits.
If you want to know what female circumcision is like as a man, you'd have to cut off the top of your dick.

Male circumcision isn't necessary, but there a lot of health benefits to it, and a cut dick works just fine. There are zero health benefits to cutting a girl's clit off.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-05-23

"Male circumcision isn't necessary, but there are a lot of health benefits to it" no there isn't you stupid fuck.

baleen - 2014-05-23

Oh hey I can insult people instead of knowing things too Spaceman AIDS!

HIV and Urinary Tract Infection

Reduction of HPV (since you're a dirty hippy, you probably don't know that your herpes is killing women by giving them cervical cancer)

http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/prevention/research/malecircumcision/ot herconditions.html

baleen - 2014-05-23

As I said, it's not necessary to circumcise men, but it reduces the transmission of a whole lot of diseases.



memedumpster - 2014-05-23

This is not the video to have this stupid argument.

You all look like Muslim baby rapers supporting this shit here.

Like drone targets.

spikestoyiu - 2014-05-23

People who have dirty, gross-looking hardons for the male circumcision issue will bring it up everywhere and anywhere. They're always full of hyperbole (it collects under the foreskin) and they will begin to sound a lot like climate change deniers once you start bringing up the STD stuff.

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

You're right. Being upset that someone made a decision about my body and cut up my dick was very insensitive.

I'm so sorry.

boner - 2014-05-23

Y'all need to wash up under yer damn nuts.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-05-23

Hey Baleen if you want to mutilate your kid without their consent on the off chance that it might lower their chances of HIV, then by all means go ahead.

Spaceman Africa - 2014-05-23

And even if it does possibly prevent AIDs, it wouldn't make a difference if you're wearing a condom anyways.

garcet71283 - 2014-05-23

I'll keep my foreskin cheese free dick thank you very much.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-23

I love how angry you fuckers get. However, baleen is absolutely 100% correct about disease prevention. I say this as someone with a Masters in Public Health.
I had a friend who did circumcision drives in Africa and they would circumcise adult males by the hundreds to reduce their rate of infection.
The fact is, circumcision removes columnar cells (found in the foreskin) near the penis, which are a major pathway for the HIV virus to enter the body. Therefore, if you are having strictly vaginal intercourse and consensual sex without violence and tearing and such, you are a LOT less likely to contract the disease. It's biology. It removes the pathway for infection. This is true of many other diseases, as baleen mentioned.
You may want to call it "mutilation", but as was said before, circumcision doesn't damage a penis' ability to function.
Informally, I've found that the only men I've met (I work in medicine by the way) that have issues with the appearance of their penis, have been uncircumcised.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-23

Oh, here's something I found in a scholarly article about this, I just googled so its by no means an isolated article: (citation numbers removed)

"The highly protective effect of circumcision, which has been reviewed comprehensively elsewhere, suggests that the penile foreskin is particularly vulnerable to HIV infection. The foreskin is lined by stratified squamous epithelium, and the external surface is more heavily keratinized than the internal surface. Consequently, the inner foreskin may be more susceptible to infection, a view that was supported by investigations of penile autopsy tissues, and corroborated in an in vitro foreskin explant model that showed infectious foci, predominantly containing LCs and CD4+ T cells, at the base of the epithelial-cell layer, exclusively in the inner foreskin. Alternatively, circumcision may reduce the risk for genital tears, abrasions and ulcer disease, resulting in decreased HIV infection risk."

EvilHomer - 2014-05-24

"Informally, I've found that the only men I've met (I work in medicine by the way) that have issues with the appearance of their penis, have been uncircumcised."

I'm fairly sure this is a cultural thing. I don't mind being unmutilated, mostly because I never get a chance to use it anyway, so why be self-conscious? But I have felt social pressure to be cut before here in the United States, and I can definitely see how uncircumcised Americans might come to regret their freedom of choice. However, overseas, the situation is different: my family is originally from the UK, and circumcision is fairly uncommon there (it was why my parents decided not to cut me), and the cultural pressures are (in my limited experience anyway) reversed.

Accidie - 2014-05-23


Quad9Damage - 2014-05-23

Oh, I thought this was just going to be news coverage. Fuck that, punching out.


Sanest Man Alive - 2014-05-23

Can't we just rage impotently over all fundamentalist skinwalking monsters for breaking children forever just to align their own rotten worldviews with some worthless Bronze Age dogma (or vice versa, depending on the power dynamic they're trying to exploit)? Why make distinctions?

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-05-23

What I'm saying is we should burn the whole fucking world down and let another apex species have a go at the next hundred thousand years.

misterbuns - 2014-05-23

if you've read Anathem, you're familiar with a term the Avout use for anyone who abstracts the answers to cosmological and ontological questions into something anthropomorphic: "Deitolaters"

It's a contractions of 'deity' and 'idolater', the dismissive term Semitic religions use to refer to people who abstract physical phenomena into spiritual forces.

It's a brilliant term because it shows how their own sense of god is just another level of abstraction as those of the people they shame and condemn.

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-05-23

"Deitolaters" just makes me think "Now is ze time on Sprockets vhere ve mutilate ze children. Also dance!"

Old People - 2014-05-23

Fuck your moral relativism. In addition to filling their children's heads with the same nonsensical garbage that other religions do, these motherfuckers are cutting off little girls' clitorises.
Also, the rage isn't impotent in countries where it's possible to legislate against this barbarism.

StanleyPain - 2014-05-23

"Why make distinctions?" Because one of these rotten worldviews is actively using violence and intimidation to insulate itself from criticism, challenge, and consequences. Yes, all ancient dogmas are nonsense, but they are also not equally the same level of threat to free speech and Enlightenment principles at the same time.

il fiore bel - 2014-05-23

Leave your daughters' cunts alone, you cunts.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-23

If I ever meet someone who is responsible for doing this to someone, I would happily go to jail for punching them in the face.

mr3 - 2014-05-24

come on, they do it b/c the clear answer to centipedes is gendercide not body monitoring

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