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Desc:Oh my god.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Sports
Tags:racism, ATHF, Master Shake, aqua teen hunger force, donald sterling
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Comment count is 23
Holy shit, this is the most perfect thing ever.
Okay, now do Meatwad and Frylock!

P.S. Mind. Blown.
infinite zest
Pardon my basketball pun but what would be your dream team? I think all 3 should be about basketball.

The Master Shake character is based on the oldest and most prolific of all asshole types - the blatantly self righteous, self promoting and incapable of self-analysis types. Which is why he's so hilarious on the show but terrible when you realize there are real life people who act like that and have more money than you do.
True. I remember not really liking Aqua Teen for the first few episodes because Shake was so off-putting. But once I realized that Shake was SUPPOSED to be an asshole, I was totally on the show's side, and have loved it ever since.

As for the vid: it works. Oh does it ever work!

infinite zest
This was perfect. I really loved ATHF when it first started it it was vaguely about solving mysteries still and living with an asshole. Perfect for me in college. I have no clue if this is where they got the name or the premise but there's this place when you're coming into Madison Wisconsin called HUNGER FORCE and it's right next door to a Hardees.

The show lost me around the Universal Remonster episode (still one of the best things ever) and then the horrible horrible movie.

infinite zest
A lot of people have your opinion Mr. Kazoo first name Joel. The whole "we solve mysteries" thing didn't really work and the evil doctor just wasn't funny. But I liked thinking that they actually did all that stuff (I can't remember the episode but there's one where Frylock's trapped at the top of a mountain fighting giants I think and then it just cuts back to the house.) To me it was a perfect metaphor for asshole roommates who didn't do shit. Telling me they're "SO BUSY" when that entailed finding the bong and turning on the Playstation (no offense to pot smokers but there's functional and non, pretty much with anything.)

My current housemate (for the next six days) and I work completely opposite shifts so he accuses me of not doing jack shit or even lying about my various jobs which I find terribly offensive. I like to think that Shake goes around saving the day and just doesn't mention what he does all the time like his job's a big deal.. something like that. :)

infinite zest
sorry. I fucking hate my housemates and I'm also homeless. Mr Infinite Zest might be going down a crazy train for the next six days or so. :(

I only really watch ATHF for Shake and Meatwad. Never really cared about how stupid some of the plots are, it's a surreal mess anyways. I just love the interaction between a completely narcissistic train-wreck and a naive, squishy beef-pile.

My favourite episode has still got to be Dumber Dolls. Happy Time Harry says the pills make the phone calls go away.

Shake is awesome and a model for everything I do, every day, all day.

infinite zest
and pick me up the Happy Time Dialysis machine while you're there. I had my liver removed once, and I'm not supposed to drink. But I do.

Binro the Heretic
The Mothership
Rodents of Unusual Size
Not since Lil Jon went to Lazy Town have I been so impressed.
infinite zest
The sad thing is that I've watched this at least 5 times, and I get sad when it gets to about 1:30 because I know it's going to end soon. :(

Herr Matthias
This is "close down the Internet" levels of awesome.
A new poetv classic?
infinite zest
The best thing about this is.. everything else on his youtube account is street fighter or some other fighting game videos. Then this!
Ho ho ho my god!
God damn, he sounds JUST like him.
pyslexic dharmacist
Aubrey McFate
At first, for a few moments, I honestly thought it was just audio from the show.
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