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Desc:really nice stuff
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:3D, maya, facial, snapper, rig
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Comment count is 14
Wow, really really nice stuff. Too bad he doesn't show a lip-synch test... c'mon man, pass it to an animator, I wanna see that shit keyframed!
James Woods
I'll do it when I get my computer and post it. Soon. Anyone have ~5 seconds of good dynamic dialogue they'd like to see?

GARBAGE DAY Muahahaha muahahaha!

DO IT!!!

James Woods
Shiiiiit! Yes. Ok. Will do. I'm not going to make a deadline cause I don't want to over promise and I'm pretty busy currently, but one of these days.

I am repeatedly amazed at the evolution of 3D animation. The last time I upgraded, I went from cels & paint to Flash.
Damn. I started getting back into rigging earlier this year. It's tough enough just to make a simple cartoon character. This is amazing. This person probably spent hours just staring in a mirror making faces just to figure out how to move all these bits.
Now show me Blue Steel.
That's the ugliest MLP character I've ever seen.
You've obviously never seen Twist.

And yet it still can't approach the expressiveness of a well made sock puppet.

(Did I do that right?)
I thought you were asexual?

Yes. Conveniently, the person in the video isn't real.

Om nom nom. Raaaar!
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