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Desc:The movie was never finished.
Tags:Cop, rhode island, RHD
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Comment count is 4
Billy the Poet - 2014-05-27
This looks like one of those "shot for " Run the Jewels videos.
jangbones - 2014-05-28
1) use camera filters

2) use microphones

3) try post audio mix

4) you can't cut a trailer after shooting four scenes
infinite zest - 2014-05-28
I'm assuming it's about a cop and a "worm." (maybe it's not like Shai Hulud worm, but a worm nonetheless, metaphorical perhaps?) And it's a movie. Why would you call it Worm Movie Cop and not just Worm Cop?

I saw this movie once, it was about a cop. He's a regular cop for a part of it but then he gets into a situation where he's made into a walking robot. Can't remember the name of the movie but I don't think it was called Robo Movie Cop.. maybe something else.
Old_Zircon - 2014-05-28
Because it was written by developmentally disabled people is why.

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