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Desc:Too American for 73Q. With bonus Chinamen
Tags:80s, Walking, Bob Weir, Grateful Dead, pandering to pedestrians
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Oscar Wildcat
Pretty much everything that was awful about the 80's in one blow dried lump. Bobby... oh Bobby. (facepalm)
LSD, meet cocaine.
Oscar Wildcat
This is basically the music industry saying "Bobby, Bowie just made a fuck ton of money selling Serious Moonshine last year; you've got to get on that 80's bandwagon!"

I can escape this feeling,
with my china cat sunflower.

Old People
I kinda like it.
Any music video with a 1980s Camaro in it can't be all bad.

Ironically, that Camaro was almost certainly made in Canada (Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, north of Montreal), though I suppose it's still "America" in the continental sense.

Oh, pardon, the 1980s Camaro was All-American, made in either Van Nuys, California or Norwood, Ohio. The 1990s ones were made in Quebec.

The stuff they're playing under the "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanna live" is bouncy and fun and not unlike Dead tunes from this period. But the lyrics, the singing, the video... all of it is just a cash grab gone wrong.

Here's an example of BatM doing things right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIXLY4riang

"Getcha hands on the wheel of some De-troit steel"
(cue 80s SK8 drop to ollie to 720 kickturn)
That guy
0:12-0:17 gets my stars, easily

If that hadn't gotten them, the sax solo would have

Also, Bobby & The Midnights don't hate Chinese immigrants.
As much as I would like to blame Bob Weir, this is really Springsteen's fault.
No, fuck that, I blame Bob.

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