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Desc:He's still got it.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:cussin, Tony Clifton
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Comment count is 11
In real comedy, it's not just about the jokes.
So, is this Bob Zmuda? Any idea who this actually is?
It's Andy, clearly.

I wish.

I'm guessing it's usually Zmuda. I saw a blurb from, I think, Danny DeVito where he was talking about how the stories about Andy being unhinged on set were spread by Zmuda after his death because he had "a personal stake" in building Andy's posthumous mystique, but also that Andy would have loved it.

To be honest, I always liked Tony Clifton more than Andy, as much as I love everything Andy did.

The bigger question to me is who was the guy he smacked in the head? I wouldn't be surprised a all if the whole thing was planned.

If it's Zmuda, it's 100% planned. If it's a new guy, who the fuck knows.

It makes me happy that I can't tell anymore. That Dinah Shore video I posted, where he doesn't have sunglasses, is really obviously Kaufman but other than that even in the old footage is usually really hard to tell if it's Andy, Andy's brother or Zmuda. I think I might prefer Zmuda in a lot of ways, because when you CAN tell it's him he's usually giving the character a more dark, sleazy edge than Kaufman did.

Jet Bin Fever
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