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Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Doom, Commodore, what hell sounds like, 8-bit, vic-20
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infinite zest
barforama. This looks even worse than Doom for the TI-86.. but at least we were playing that in class instead of learning calculus. Someone played this at home in their spare time :(
This makes me so sad.
I wish they had captured it from a real machine, because the video output on these things is incredibly weak, blurry and snowy. At least, mine was.
Wouldn't that be more of a function of the TV you had it hooked up to, not the computer?

Not really, when we got a NES I was amazed how clear the picture was on the same TV.

Yeah, but the NES used a coaxial hook up whereas the Vic-20 used one of those "TV-Computer" boxes that went in through the VHF antenna leads, didn't it?

Yeah, I think it did.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Incredible! I've only started programming in the past few years, so I totally missed the era when you built for a single machine, cpu, OS etc etc. and worked on it for years and knew every tiny nuance of it back to front so you could hack extremely unlikely to achieve things out of it like this.
Though I want to make games and I can write a fun game in unity in like 2 hours and I can build to almost every platform and it will perform well and not have weird issues... I honestly think this current way is better, at least for me as my goal is to make games, not fuck about! or show or my amazing code-fu
I wouldn't go back to those days, but there were good times to be had, screwing around with these things endlessly just trying to make them do something simple. Atari 2600 is something I'm fascinated with at the moment. 256 bytes (0.25 K) of memory, and no frame buffer, it can only draw one scan line, so you have to update that line in real time as it moves down the screen, and all your game logic has to run after it gets to the bottom & before it returns to the top.

5 for title / submitter symmetry.
Dumb Lamer
Ow! Do not watch while drunk.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Instant fucking headache
This is far more sophisticated programming, but my father did actually buy a "3D Maze" game for the Vic-20, one of those games that was sold on audiocassette and might have been published by Virgin Games, if I remember correctly. But it was "3D" like the dungeons in PHANTASY STAR on the Sega Master System were in 3D, like it was a fixed perspective, you couldn't really move closer or farther away from the walls like you can in DOOM.

I'm always impressed seeing what creative programmers with way too much time on their hands can do with extremely obsolete computers and consoles, pushing the graphics way past what people think the system is capable of. This might not look like much compared to even the scaled-down DUKE NUKEM port on the Sega Genesis, but these graphics would have been absolutely mind-blowing if I had seen this on my television in 1984 (when the only "console" I had was a Vic-20, which I generally consider to be more of a console than a useful PC).
Jet Bin Fever
Wow! You could play that for days!
You only play it for a few hours. Imagine coming to work & having to code or bug test that abortion for months on end.
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