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Desc:the only way he can...getting him drunk!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Drunk, star trek, Scotty, James Doohan, alcoholism is fun
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Comment count is 23
2:37 - you can see the finger James Doohan lost on D-Day. ... Okay, you can't actually see the finger, you know what I mean.
Also, is that Sheldon Cooper?

The Mothership
Gie eis yer gless!
infinite zest
I don't think I remember this one.. how can a seasoned alcoholic like Scotty get drunk before someone who's never drank before?
infinite zest
Also if all future food looks like gigantic Fruity Pebbles, just keep it and give me the goddamn scotch.

Cause he's an alien and aliens either get banjuiced on a thimble of hard lemonade or gulp down fermented devil piss by the lake before getting a touch tipsy.

God, don't you know shit about television alien drinking habits?

A few months back, I went through the entirety of TOS on Netflix. It actually wasn't as bad as I'd feared it would be; in fact, it may have even been the best Star Trek series overall. Anyway, this was one of the few episodes which I can really remember. The alien is actually a superbeing from the Andromeda galaxy, stuck in human form until he can return to his home galaxy and summon the evil Andromedan invasion fleet. He's not used to the human metabolic process, which is probably why it takes him so long to get drunk.

In Scotty's defense, while he gets drunk first, he also started drinking first, and he lasts longer before passing out.

Learn to drink, virgins.

Did you not see the alien put down a ton of food before drinking, while Scotty was too busy being an alien slave?

infinite zest
My dad loved the original and I hated it when I was a kid: "OMG it's so fake!" Never really revisited it until a few years ago.. I was walking around and found the entire series (I think) on VHS in a box in a dumpster. Revisiting them at 29 was great. It made me sad though, because every VHS was individually labeled (these were the CBS ones with two episodes that were out of order, not that there was that much continuity) with the episode numbers by someone. Did his girlfriend throw them out? Divorce? Did he die? I'll never know (note that I'm assuming it was a guy's collection...) anyway wonderful show.. I can only imagine what it was like for my dad in college, getting high and watching it in the commons on a tiny black and white TV.

infinite zest
memedumpster I don't condone it, but I actually get buzzed or sick way faster if I've eaten a lot beforehand, so usually I drink on a fairly empty stomach and get food afterwords to absorb it. The worst is when you're drunk and forget to eat, and it's a Sunday and your favorite burrito joint is closed on Sundays! Goddamnit!

That is interesting, IZ. I sometimes only get hangovers after eating the next day. I know someone who gets horrible hangovers only if eating the next day.

Somewhere, a man ate an airplane.

Human digestion is how the second law of thermodynamics has fun.

The trick is to drink a glass of water between drinks. Ever since I learned to keep myself hydrated during a drinking binge, I've avoided a shitty morning. The con is that you're going to piss almost twice as much, in a situation where you are already going to be pissing a lot anyways.

Not that I don't like Star Trek, but this time I'm here only because I always have to point out when someone misspells "villain".
You are a villian.

a VAUDE villian


infinite zest
Aubert de Villaine

Stop with the crossfire. I'm a civillian.

Getting drunk, Scotland's true national martial art.
There was an episode where Scotty killed a hooker. Star Trek loves the Scottish stereotypes.

Jet Bin Fever
So the aliens are Asian?
Only if you marry one

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