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Desc:Not featuring James Randi
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:Christian, creation, HoneydewWilkins, 00000, the ninth commandment
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Comment count is 6
oddeye - 2014-06-05
Is there a campier way to say "one million dollars" ?

Dr. Evil has nothing on evil lawyer fella.
That guy - 2014-06-06
Featuring Paul F. Tomkins as Evil Lawyer Fella.

BorrowedSolution - 2014-06-06
Somehow I'm sure it's not any better in context.
Oscar Wildcat - 2014-06-06
This is what fundy Christians actually believe.
memedumpster - 2014-06-06
Lying to children is fun and all, but you'd think they'd pick ones with more entertaining payoffs, like "now that you're grown, I can finally tell you that there is no panties delivery truck" or "guess what, glass really isn't remembering what you do in front of it to show people later."
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-06-10
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