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Tags:stephen fry, NSA, snowden, surveillance
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Comment count is 31
Fuck off Stephen Fry, no one wants to watch you, government or not.
I don't like stephen fry that much either, but what is wrong with what he said?

I don't know. I'm sure what he said was perfectly reasonable, most of what he says is and I would almost certainly wholeheartedly endorse what he puts forward were it not for the fact that he was the one suggesting it.

So fuck him.

So what do you hate the most about Stephen Fry?

Was it all those mean things he said about Miami?

he's a class traitor right?
posh boy and his liberal paternalism, may the sun never set on his ability to gob without action.
also, he totally cashed that paycheck from 24 which is basically a network produced advertisement to sell the supposed merits of government overreach and unilateral heroics

He's a suicidal faggot and that pisses you off, right?


Jet Bin Fever
I really like Stephen Fry. You can go fuck yourself, sir.

Stephen Fry is my favourite fry after French.

Innocent Bystander
I wanna watch him.

A lot.

I like Stephen Fry well enough, though his slavish worship of the Cult of Apple and his pissing on anything Microsoft without having used anything PC-related since Win95 is irritating. He's still quite funny and witty.

Nothing about anything he does or is associated with pisses me off for any particular reason. Stephen Fry is an amalgamation of personality traits that should make him the most likable person in the world (that I know of) not only to me but to the majority of what decent folk there are that exist in the world.

But it doesn't, because I don't like him. That is all the explanation you deserve, that is all the explanation you will got.

Stephen Fry, when you read this and I know for a fact that you will, do not take it personally. You know where to find me.

Did you ever find any of that strangulation porn you were looking for?

I did but it was very weaksauce. Ironically I often see good stuff in movies where it's meant to portray an evil act of torture (and they are evil acts of torture in the context of those movies) such as 12 years aslave, Braveheart, an episode or two of CSI, gangster garrotings, etc.

I'm touched that you remember it though. Thank you.

Oh yeah EvilHomer, of all people, is the jack-off police now. The guy who avowedly masturbates to MLP dickgirl hentai.

Hay, I was the one trying to *help* Mr oddeye find his choking porn, thankyouverymuch! I'm an enabler or, at worst, a rubbernecker, but never a policer.

And I don't know what you're talking about, Maru, I never claimed to like dickgirl pony porn. Futas aren't my thing.

Not that I judge you if futa's are *your* thing! Stephen Fry likes dudes, Oddeye likes choking people to death, just because we don't see eye to eye, doesn't mean we can't be friends.

Anyway, odds, I'm sorry you couldn't find anything that tickled your fancy. Maybe if you kept digging? I don't know precisely what kind of choking you're into, but I'm sure it's out there.

if you send me a video of yourself hanging dead from your ceiling, i'll go through the formality of masturbating to it merely out of gratitude.

Why are you always so hostile, Maru? On your Youtube page, you seem like a very laid back and friendly cat.

that's a different cat

Thank you, Stephen Fry. I'm sure Obama will immediately cancel all CIA and FBI data collection operations now that you have pointed out that it is wrong.
The video generated international headlines keeping the topic on people's minds, which is necessary for any reform to be possible.

Meanwhile snarking about how making a public statement doesn't instantly solve all problems accomplished...?

Oscar Wildcat
Stephen Fry is the lathe of heaven.

You remember when international headlines were keeping the topic of terrorism and the PATRIOT Act on everyone's minds? I'm glad that public awareness about such matters led to meaningful reform.

Well put Irish. Sure celebrity activism can be tiresome, but ol'Jeeves here makes a good statement.

i usually hate celebrity activism by champagne socialists, but i love a bit of fry and laurie and agree with this sentiment soooo

Innocent Bystander
Yeah, Fry. Unless you can solve every problem in the world by snapping your fingers, you better just shut up.

If only someone like Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert could devote 30 minutes each day to pointing out the hypocrisy inherent in the system, I'm certain that the powers that be would take heed and change their scurrilous ways.

Although I guess they did call attention to the whole VA thing, even if nobody that deserves to be shamed is feeling shamed enough to fix it.

I work for a cell phone company in tech support. On the one hand, they can and do know everything about you. On the other, they use that information not to filter it to the NSA, but to maintain price hegemony. The real problem is collusion between corporate monopolies, with the false illusion of market freedom, not government surveillance.

When I learned the real truth about Apple, that everybody who DOESN'T use an iPhone has the price of their phones artificially inflated so that the iPhone is comparable, I nearly puked. A Smartphone could easily cost 0 flat out if we eliminated unnecessary market quibbling. Cell phone towers should and must be nationalized, and that simply won't happen within our lifetimes.
Smartphone companies want to charge you more than you should actually be paying to watch cat videos and check Facebook at work. That's bad, yes. But smartphone companies do not throw people into prisons or drone strike their homes. Given the choice, I'd rather adbots spied on me than the NSA.

I guess that's why the newest models are always 0-0 out here and as soon as it's replaced it plummets to -.

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