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Desc:Rik Mayall berates the 'King of the Jooooosss' in Herod's trademark tone deaf style.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:rik mayall, Jesus Christ Superstar, Ham Licker, stylish romanesque nazis, shit remake
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This is actually a dupe of a dead submission that I tried to update only I submitted the wrong link initially and now it's taken the correct link as the wrong link and wont let me submit the correct link as a new submission. Anyway I just got a different upload of this and submitted it fresh, sorry baronsdoctor. Hope that's ok with you PoETV police.
Fucking hell..

I just wanted to submit this because Rik Mayall is 2cool4skewl and despite his song being the highlight of the show, this movie is the worst production of the best musical ever made.

Also I really wanted to link to the other "ham licker" tags and Christians can eat ham or some fucking thing so fuck off.

I'd like to hear Lewis Black sing this, just for the spin he'd put on "King of the Jewwwwwwwz".

Not sure this number works if divorced completely from first century Palestine -- the point was that Herod was risibly shallow in ways we could recognize, not that he was actually Bob Fosse.
Well that's it really, you have to be kind of in on the joke that he is supposed to be a shit singer. If you knew nothing about folk like King Herod as portrayed in the Bible, which a lot of people don't, then the joke is probably lost on you and you might be left wondering "This guy can't sing for fuck, get off the stag fucko!"

Which would be the worst thing ever to say when watching Rik Mayall on stage.

John Holmes Motherfucker
>> "This guy can't sing for fuck, get off the stag fucko!"

That is one beautiful typo.

I didn't know who Rik Mayall was so I googled him. Turns out he's someone who is just about my age (three weeks older) who just died, apparently of natural causes. My least favorite thing on the Internet. I was hoping for a drug overdose, or maybe a suicide. Damn!

>>Which would be the worst thing ever to say when watching Rik Mayall on stage.

Hey, this guy is dead! Somebody bury him; he stinks!

Alice Cooper recorded a version of King Herod's Song in 1996. I thought of submitting it, but I don't like it any more than I like this version, so I'll just link to it here:


John Holmes Motherfucker
Jesus is like: "Can we please get on with the crucifixion?"
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