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Desc:Joggers in Alberta encounter a bear.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:bear, run, Alberta, joggers, trail
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Just Do It
I was beginning to wonder, after all of that walking backwards, if they weren't about to lose their bearings.
Adham Nu'man
This bear is very young, and his mom is not around. This means he's probably around two and a half years of age and that this is his first summer alone. At this age bears are very curious about everything and he's probably seen few humans.

However, the encounter IS dangerous as the line between "what is this?" and "let's try to fuck with this thing" is very thin for the bear at this point. If for any reason you start behaving in any way that will make you resemble prey this can easily activate the Bear's hunting instincts and HE WILL pursue you, and the Bear will win. They are extremely fast runners and can climb trees and basically get you wherever you go.

The most important thing if you're ever in this situation is to stay completely still and then when the bear comes close to see your smell you need to quickly stick two fingers in its butt.
Alright. I'm going out for a jog, everybody.

False. The most important thing is to hit record and make sure the bear remains in frame at all times for the sake of your future Youtube audience.

well that's debatable. there are basically two schools of thought...

Jet Bin Fever
just throw a rock at it. Done.

Black bears are the most laid back bears.
4:59 - 5:02
This is unBEARable. I can BEARly watching this. His BEAR ass needs to get to the barBEAR and read BEARon's magazine. It's an aBEARation.
See, the problem is that they're doing their workout in bear country. If they just walked somewhere safe, they'd be fine. Like the local shopping maul.

Adham Nu'man
BEARy funny.
Jet Bin Fever
This isn't how you are supposed to do it.
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