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Desc:Ha ha. They all speak in existential action movie talk.
Tags:Marvel, Peter Serafinowicz, Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy, marvel studios
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Comment count is 17
I thought for sure this would be the first video tagged "Peter Serafinowicz." How wrong I was.
Peter Serafinowicz is doing occasional live commentary for World Cup matches. They are amazing. link: http://mixlr.com/peterserafinowicz/showreel/

Chocolate Jesus
I hate to agree with Chocolate abeli$con, but can we not post trailers for unremarkable summer blockbusters please?

Jet Bin Fever
I agree. This is just marketing, not notable, unique, or evil in any way.

This trailer focuses on the heroes, but there is evil. I've never seen a superhero film without evil.

This is gonna rock. Solid Summer movie.
infinite zest
I'm excited. I reluctantly took a few of my students to X-Men Days of Future Past last week and found a cheap theatre adjacent to a pub, thinking as soon as the lights went dim that I'd sneak out for a couple of pints to make it bearable. As cliche as it sounds I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. It's easily my favorite X-men movie and perhaps my favorite superhero movie (Dark Knight may still be #1.. hard to say.)

I don't really follow Guardians but I'm aware of its universe.. I don't think this trailer captures the misanthropic nature of Chris Pratt's character as much as the other one did (maybe I'm wrong but I see him as sort of a Spike meets Han Solo.) Also there's a Raccoon. Plus, James Gunn is directing it, who did the excellent films Slither and Super. In case you haven't seen Super, see it. I doubt Guardians will get as fucked up as Super, but it's good to know that a director with a great track record is at the helm. I'll see this.
5 Stars! This film is getting Boo-Tista out of wrestling for a little bit.
John Holmes Motherfucker
It's a movie that a lot of us are going to see, therefore some of us may want to discuss. Valid submission.

After seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I decided that I would start calling myself a fan of Marvel Studios, because they're getting super hero movies right. i love that these movies aren't about style or attitude. Captain America, Iron man, and the Avengers aren't "dark", or "gritty", or "campy", they're just good movies with good action, good dialogue, and good explosions... and of course, icons of my childhood, looking better than ever. When I was a kid, graduating from DC to Marvel Iron Man was a real discovery. My favorite character was Iron Man, and looking back, I know the reason why was because he had a heart condition, just like my dad. He seemed so real to me.

Well, this time it's something I've never heard of (Is Guardians of the Galaxy a comic book?) and i forgot what point I was going to make. Think I'll go watch "Captain America".
infinite zest
They've actually been around since 1969, and used to encounter Captain America and other Avengers, but seem to have the most isolated universe given the timeline. I had like 2 issues when I was a kid but never really got immersed like I did with X-men.

To anyone who follows it, I'd like to do a little summer homework before the movie. Any good starting point for this particular plot line?

BULLSHIT. Rocket Raccoon should be played by an actual raccoon and not this CGI fuckery! They could easily use an actual raccoon and do with his mouth what they did in 'A Talking Cat?'

Thanks Hollywood.
Forget that computer nonsense. You can make just about any animal talk for film with a jar of peanut butter.

Boomer The Dog
I like Rocket, at least as far as the trailer shows, he's 'one of the guys'. Raccoons have more hand-like paws than other animals, so he can work all of the hardware like they showed and it makes sense.

It looks like a real raccoon was used for this, but they went farther with the CGI to make him anthro, compared to something like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I don't think he's all CGI, it looks like a big blend to me.

I like the peanut butter trick in older movies, but it wouldn't go with an audience today, though they could probably edit it better and make it work to some level. I was raised on stop motion, forward-reverse talking Dog effects like in The Shaggy DA.


5 hoping Marvel Studios (and Sony, in the case of X-Men) keep it up. 10 year old me isnt letting me go lower, though this trailer was pretty stinky.
5 for evil, simply because this edit takes what in the Stateside trailer looked to be a very good, interesting movie, and made it into a generic, cliched bore-fest so audiences would "get it".
Chocolate Jesus
Yeah the US trailer did a much better job of fooling you guys.

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