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Desc:Ever had the urge while driving to launch off a parked ramp truck?
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:jeep, crash, ramp, short and sweet, Duh
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Comment count is 15
Hm, so that's what that looks like.
huh, i assume that was fatal
Apparently he survived and actually managed to walk away from the accident, according to the guy who uploaded the video. Nobody else was hurt.

infinite zest
I want to believe the driver just got out of his car, lit a cigarette as the jeep exploded behind him, and crossed something off of a list. Into the sunset he goes, morphing into an armadillo or tumbleweed.

infinite zest
oh fuck. ohfuckohfuckohfuck. holy shit. holy shit. dude. oh my god. holy shit.
Ho Lee Shit

Truly some find it irresistible:

Thanks for reposting this. Like you, this video brought that evil time capsule flooding back for me.

This should be linked by tag to that pro skateboarder on here that paralysed himself skating off a ramp being towed slowly down the road, but I can't find the video to suggest a tag.
infinite zest
hmm.. don't think I've seen that one.. d&c's link goes back to the van with a ramp on the front the bmx went off.. saddest aftermath to an otherwise cringe-worthy and epic crash. The "did he die" question was answered, but not in the way anyone would expect :(


Thanks Nom. :(

He was totally trying to use it like a ramp. Why would anyone do that outside of Grand Theft Auto?
Robin Kestrel
It sort of worked.
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