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Desc:Grand jury declines to charge El Paso police officer in fatal jail shooting of bodybuilder
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Police, Texas, america, police brutality, policemisconduct.net
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Comment count is 19
Why is the video edited?

Why is the muzzle flash a saturated red when colors with a far lower luma are desaturated nearly white?

this story is obviously real, but why is the video whack?
are you suggesting something or just asking stupid questions?

another thing...the chance of actually catching a muzzle flash with a low FPS camera are super low.
Doesn't appear to be handcuffed.
Binro the Heretic
Oh, well, that makes it okay to shoot someone with obvious mental problems.

That's quite a leap. And pretty obnoxious. Dude's just pointing out that the title is likely inaccurate.

Body builders are the worst, but this seems a little excessive.

Yeah, let's not be hasty alright? You don't know the full situation and this video is edited to paint the Officer in the worst possible way. The prisoner was obviously dangerous, why else would he be in prison and resisting so much? Maybe he was armed and we just couldn't see it? It probably is a clear cut case of self defense on the Officer's behalf.

Give the Police Officer the benefit of the doubt, please, and let's just wait for ALL the facts to come to light before we cast judgement ok? My thoughts are with the Officer's family and the smear campaign that is no-doubt coming their way.

Yeah don't care, it's poeTV. The sarcasm light has been lit since the moment the first video ever left the hopper.

But given this is all I know about what happened here (this grainy video), there would need to be a very convincing reason to shoot someone that's already in custody which it looks like the guy was. Also it looks like they were trying to subdue or maybe handcuff him and for some reason elected to do it outside. Any way you look at it, all of this did not look well planned or even purposeful.

here's a story link if anyone is interested in details:
http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_25174675/grand-jury-decline s-charge-el-paso-police-officer

Only on POETV would suggesting that a video subject is inaccurate equal sympathizing with a murdered. Cop videos really bring out the best in y'all.

There isn't much to "smear". The guy was handcuffed. The cop is human garbage.

The article i took it from had it stated that way, but you're right.
They also had it stated as "executed" which was also not right.
At the very least one arm is uncuffed.
I changed the title to restrained for accuracy's sake

Looks like they were doing a piss poor job at restraining here (they probably needed 4 people minimum to get this guy to settle) and that may have been what led to the rash decision to pull a pistol. That also leads to thinking there was also a very poor level of restraint when it came to how to manage the situation.

Adham Nu'man
He was one day away from retirement.

* murderer
Fuck, I quit

lol, the code on this website...at least we can reply to each other these days...

Jet Bin Fever
He could've shot him in the leg, but no. Center of mass, baby.
Robin Kestrel
Good to see our mental health care system is still working as intended.
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