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Desc:Back in the 80s, everybody's favorite British TV hippie showed some videos
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:MTV, 80s, The Beatles, The Young Ones, T-Rex
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Comment count is 11
this wouldve been amazing, if it had been done by any other person from the young ones
infinite zest
I never really watched this show.. it was like a British Spinal Tap meets Sex Pistols meets the Monkees or something right?
Not really. It's kind of its own thing.

Neil's whole album is great, too.

Young Ones is a very loose sitcom with a random SNL-style band performance in the middle of it, from some British pop band from the early 80s. The sitcom parts are very, very funny.

A fair example:


infinite zest
Cool! I just used those comparisons as a base.. The Monkees, while not really funny, had to face real-life problems like "oh no Nesmith, what is a horse doing in the living room? Now the Landlord will evict us for sure.. but first let's play a song."

Landlord thinks it's Tork and Dolenz in a horse costume and the day is saved..

Read this fan fic!

To be fair, any of the shit they used to string music videos together on MTV was complete shit so he didn't do that bad of a job.

Beavis and Butthead excluded, of course.
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Reminds me of Neil, too!

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