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Desc:Believe it or not, this is a real thing.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:wtf, gary busey, black people, shitcoms, I cant believe its not Tyler Perry
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Rickrolling taken to the next level
Comment count is 14
Gary Busey and John Lovitz? That's kind of daring, I suppose.

They've made 26 episodes of this show so far, though Wikipedia says it's not exactly canceled:
"Production on the show has been put on hold due to creator Byron Allen's financial troubles."
And stars for giving me an "early days of the WB flashback."

Yes, this does have the look and feel of some 1995 vintage WB shitcom that either would have been cancelled after four episodes or been a two-seasons-and-out show that would have lingered about the WB's primetime schedule for awhile out of inertia.

Killer Joe
I guess Steve Harvey was unavailable.
Billy the Poet
Wait, this isn't Tyler Perry?
Billy the Poet
Wait, what?

Haha eat shit Jon Lovitz you rightwing fuckwad.
hi skool hi

Everyone to Jon's house for herbal tea! He can show you his dolls from many lands.

Rodents of Unusual Size
but...but he is a white dude trying to dance like a black dude!


Billy the Poet
Is it possible that all these 80 SNL people who went looney are just nostalgic for when they had careers?

infinite zest
Lovitz too?? This is weird. It's not just SNL either. Most of these people seem to be around the same age (Jackson = 54, Lovitz = 56, Exene Cervenka = 58, Miller = 60) is there some sort of killswitch that turns once respectable intelligent people into batshit crazy around 50?

I think I stumbled on this late one night. It made no sense and was captivating in the "Oooh, look! A trainwreck!" kind of way.
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