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Desc:A raaaaAant about SpaaaaaaYce Jaaaaahm. With bonus Looney Tunes impressions!
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Looney Tunes, England, Space Jam, Filmbuff06, reviews that are worse than the movies themselves
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long vowels
15 seconds

There are hours and hours of this on his channel, reviewing such classics as Jane Eyre, Jingle All the Way, and Snowdogs.
when does he rant? so boring.
if we are now posting exhibits here for just being boring, pretty much every poster on this site should record their banal opinion on some cultural touchstone and we can all 1 star each other and ask support to stop accepting new vids
+1 star for a mildly intersting accent
Sounds like a young Richard Attenborough on cough medicine or something.
The New Meat
I feel like he's drawing out his words like that because he's stalling while trying to remember the next line of his totally not scripted in advance monologue.

The only thing worse than the pointless, unfunny, poorly acted, pointless, smarmy shitstain that is the nostalgia critic is that he's inspired an entire generation of Internet reviewers to adopt his painfully forced wacky rant as their go-to style for their dumbass "reviews" of irrelevant 20 year old media.

If only we lived in a world where Red Letter media had become the standard format for YouTube reviews. Sure, all these hacks would still be shitty copycats, but at the very least they'd be aping a quality original rather than a shitty dancing monkey.
What the fuck is up everyone's ass lately? It's like no fucking video passes the imaginary standard for "what we should be watching." Jesus christ, you people would have been loads of fun on POE Red in the olden days.
if it's not johny johny it doesn't fucking belong here

poeTV 2014: The Fussy Year

Oscar Wildcat
It's just our time of the month again. Anyone have a spare coffee filter?

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