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Desc:Nathan rebrands caricature artist as 'the king of sting'. Some NSFW drawings
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:caricature, nathan for you, Nathan Fielder
Submitted:Koda Maja
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Comment count is 12
The hypocritical wussy ending made this for me.
infinite zest
This looks good, although the premise sounds a lot like The Review. I can't remember when Comedy Central had so many quality shows since I was a kid and still assumed KITH was a CC original.

Strangers with Candy was pretty funny tho.
infinite zest
And most UCB, but looking back it wasn't as funny as I rember it being.

infinite zest
Come to think of it though, there was a sitcom or something that had an insult caricature artist.. He'd make everyone else's really funny or cute and then just rail on the one guy for no apparent reason. Or maybe it was a movie..

this came out a year before review and it's mainly real people and real companies. It's amazingly good.

Prickly Pete
But "Review" is based on an Australian show that came out before "Nathan For You"! Idk how that affects your data...

Yeah Comedy Central is on a hot streak. "Broad City" is the best show they've had in years. I'm a big fan of "@Midnight" as well.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
Fielder debuted the Nathan On Your Side segments for This Hour Has 22 Minutes in March 2008; Review debuted October 2008.

It's not like this matters in the long run; the important thing is, Comedy Central can easily scratch that Carlos Mencia/Daniel Tosh-style itch, and it's not doing it as much lately.

For one summer, I was a caricature busker. It was all I could do to NOT draw them all sucking their own dicks. Try caricaturing a Downs Syndrome kid. Try.
Did you ever actually draw them sucking their own dicks?

Not to their faces.

But I can assure you, my sketchbook is totally full of absurd sexual caricature now.

Well, I would like to see those dicks. You should upload them somewhere, assuming there's no confidentiality rules involved in caricature busking...? I think many people would be fascinated to see an expose on the sorts of things caricature buskers wouldn't dare show their clients! Like one of those "guess what the angry chef did in your favorite restaurant?" things, only with slightly less piss.

Also, I tried, but it's not very funny:


That guy
But it's a brave target.

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