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EvilHomer - 2014-07-03

We had a saying in the Army: "equal rights, equal fights." If you're going to whip an icecube at some punk singer's face like a fratbro, then why shouldn't you expect to be treated like a fratbro?

If Mr Weasel had punched a man, would people care? No, of course not; we understand that periodic musician-on-fan violence is an integral part of the punk concert experience. It is part of the mystique, part of the cultural ritual. But a woman gets punched, and suddenly we fall back almost a century to the horribly primitive "Weaker Sex" narrative? I suppose next we are to believe that Ms Ice Cube needed a strong chivalrous man to step in and save her.

If one thinks this altercation was wrong because *violent behavior is bad*, then alright. If you'd rather that musicians and their fans comport themselves with dignity and civility, then that's a conversation worth having. But don't embrace double standards. Man, woman, or undecided, gender has nothing to do with this.

zerobackup - 2014-07-03

My gut reaction was - "Fuck that guy!"

Intellectually, it's a slippery slope from: Protect the Shrinking Violets > Equal Rights Equal Fights > Total Subjugation Of the Generally/Smaller and Weaker Sex

I don't know where I stand, I've been in situations in bars where a woman was stepping up like a man to someone and as he defended himself from the slaps and drinks being thrown, people just smirked at eachother. If he so much as pushed her back I have no doubt the place would have exploded into a bar fight with the focus being to bash his face in. Is that right? It's definitely a double standard and some people get away with reprehensible behavior because of it. Some girls get a "tough girl" attitude for a variety of reasons, but if they were forced to face the consequences of acting like a bully to people they don't like, only a few would choose to keep that demeanor. Getting punched in the face has a way of changing attitudes.

Ultimately, no one should act like a bully to anyone else but that is not the world we live in. But, if I saw a big guy beating up a smaller guy in a crowd my first reaction would be "Let them fight" If I saw the same thing happening to a woman, my first reaction would be "That guy is fucking scum". We should all strive to be the one to step in and protect the smaller person in that situation.

Oscar Wildcat - 2014-07-03

It's not just an embarrassment for Ben. The whole Weasel family name has been sullied by his actions.

Binro the Heretic - 2014-07-03

I can't help but think he might have been more hesitant to punch a big burly dude in response to having ice thrown at him.

I'm not saying he wouldn't have hit a dude. I'm saying he probably wouldn't have hit someone he thought might have been able to kick his ass.

Chancho - 2014-07-03

A girl hit me in the face with a drink at a Dwarves show. I was blinded for ten seconds and it didn't help that I had been drinking a lot. You know what I did to her?

Nothing, because I'm not a fucking pussy who loses his shit and punches a girl.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-07-03

Nah, Chancho, I'm pretty sure the reason you did nothing is because you are a pussy.

But whatever helps you sleep at night.

Nominal - 2014-07-04

Well, you also wouldn't punch a 12 year old kid who stomped on your foot.

Chick throws a drink at your face? Splash yours back at hers. Your move, bitch.

She starts throwing punches? Gently but firmly intercept her hand, ask her if she's done, then spin her around like a dance twirl and guide her a step away from you before releasing. And one two three four one two three four spin.

infinite zest - 2014-07-06

Nick Oliveri and Ben Weasel should start a band together.

Old_Zircon - 2014-07-03

"Punching" might be a bit of an overstatement. That was more spastic flailing that happened to just barely connect.

bias - 2014-07-03

i think you were watching the wrong part, the punch is right at the beginning. Its not the where the girl on stage pulls him back.

infinite zest - 2014-07-03

I was on a field trip in 4th grade and found a Screeching Weasel button on the ground (just the iconic cartoon weasel, no name) and wore it for years and years before I knew that it was even a band. I guess he lives in my Alma Mater of Madison, WI, which means he joins the ranks of other forgettable icons like Shirley Manson (Garbage) and Milo Aukerman (The Descendents) - to be fair Milo actually did "go to college" and is a professor at the university. The other two probably just wear their own band t-shirts to bars and pretend they're still relevant.

If you're going to be in the front row at a punk show, you're kind of asking to be knocked around, no matter your gender. Was she a bitch for throwing ice cubes and spitting beer on the stage? Sure. Then again, if you're going to be a front man in a seminal punk rock band, surely you're used to it, and are asking for that treatment too. Axl Rose or Nickleback can stop a show because someone threw something on stage, but I'm sure some beer in the face is pretty low on the spectrum for Mr. Weasel w/r/t objects being throw at him. Fuck, I was playing a show in Lubbock Texas that actually had one of those cages so the bottles of beer would shatter before they could hit us.

You're used to it. You're "punk rock." Even if you're washed up and spend most of your time surrounded by 100 heavyset bouncers at Warped Tour, you've spent your time in bars like this one and should act professionally, because I dunno it's your job or something.

infinite zest - 2014-07-03

...aaand yet we all thought this was pretty cool


Azmo23 - 2014-07-03

you could change the description to "punches a fan in the face" and it would still be an example of this guy being an asshole

Scrimmjob - 2014-07-03

The day the music (that sucks) died.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-07-03

I've watched it three times and I'm still not seeing a punch in the face. I'm seeing a spastic flailing around of a guy with bad balance who sort of pushes his hand into a girls boobs.

ShiftlessRastus - 2014-07-03

fist connects at 0:03

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