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Desc:tyler the creator blasts swag rappers
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:black people, crooning, tyler the creator, golf wang, revelry
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Comment count is 13
No difference between satire and reality here.
All rap is the same because black people right?

Dammit, misterburns, I was about to make the same comment as Gmork in the "America Fuck Yeah" video, but you had to make it awkward.

Well, that was racist.

A lot of it is the same just like a lot of country music is the same these days. Just like pop punk is the same. The satire wouldn't work if there wasn't a degree of truth to it. Shit like this makes up a huge chunk of hip-hop these days and it sucks to type that because I grew up in hip-hop's golden era (in my opinion at least). But what sells these days is SO DUMB.

And now I had to stand up for Gmork. May as well go second amendment myself.

Not all black people are like this, but most successful rappers are.

Think of this like Gangnam Style. It's satire, but it's so close to reality that an outsider could easily miss the joke.

The Mothership
Which one is Mumbles McBluePajamas, he's great.
infinite zest
This is perfect. If only Loiter Squad was half as inspired as this was.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I have no idea who this person is.

/confused white person
You should listen to him.

infinite zest
Odd Future's pretty cool, especially Earl Sweatshirt (his solo record "Doris" is one of the best hip hop records since Operation Doomsday IMO.)

i just saw trash talk in brooklyn with cities aviv and earl sweatshirt as the special guest, he did "pre" from doris and brought the fucking house down!!! such good shows!! also caught nothing in manhattan

Jet Bin Fever
Rap is dead.
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