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Desc:Claw game level 99
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:bear, Wisconsin, claw game, lumberjack, portrait orientation
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Comment count is 27
Sudan no1
Claw game operators HATE him!
infinite zest
Well he just bearly got it.

of course he'd be good, look at how tiny the trees he has to pick up are.
infinite zest
Tiny trees or Kaiju Bear?

those are some lame-ass jaeger designs then.

Adham Nu'man




🐻 ...💢 !

That worked just like clockwork, by golly!
Oscar Wildcat
I never would have thought he could get close enough. Amazing work!

infinite zest
Yeah the suspense was unbearable

Koda Maja
Not shown: the 20 severed bear heads from his previous attempts.
infinite zest
A Minor setback

That guy
Portrait of a Bear-Claw

Did they have to do a Live Action Winnie the Pooh movie?
infinite zest
It's a bear market. Disney thought this would be cheaper than hiring Pixar.

He's much better with that claw than the other guy is with his camera.
infinite zest
Yeah it's like he was filming it with his Bear hands

infinite zest
He wasn't even finished yet!

(How embearassing)
Sexy Duck Cop
Jake W17 hours ago

Can anyone deny that flooding EVERY White country on earth (and ONLY White countries) with tens of millions of non-Whites and then forcing their assimilation into the White community is an act of genocide?
Black countries will remain Black, and Asian countries will remain Asian,
White countries are the ONLY countries that will be affected by this.
But, instead of genocide, the word that anti-Whites use to describe this program is "diversity."
Diversity means chasing down White flight.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Killer Joe
The dude raises some interesting points. It is a black bear, and it probably was lured out of it's black bear homeland due to the promise of cream. And white women would probably be fighting to get their picture taken with it, to show that "color" and "bear" are just words. I'm not a bear-ist, some of my best friend are bears, I'm just saying is all.

black bears and brown bears are doing just fine, only the WHITE bears are going extinct! Think sheepbears!

Oscar Wildcat
There are PLENTY of white bears, just try anywhere in the Pines out on Fire Island on a saturday night.

Binro the Heretic
He's a lumberjack, and he's okay.
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