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Desc:submitted mostly because of 1:40 but
Category:Fashion, Crime
Tags:white people, tag suggestions welcome, context?
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Comment count is 26
I approve of keeping them all in one place.
Put a bangin' donk on it.
Drugs are bad. Monophonic EDM is worse. Together they will destroy the Earth.
Adham Nu'man
These are some gorgeous specimens.
I think the "white people" tag should be obvious.
I thought half the point of a club was low, tinted light so you can pretend something better than this is happening.
And strobe lights are there so you don't realize how shitty a dancer you'd be in even light.

I think this is a "day club" - for people who've been caning it all night on chemicals and want to kick on forever. I've been to a few and most of the people I've seen there couldn't care less how they look by that stage.

twist: the oldest person shown in this video is 22.
British people do NOT age well
forgot stars
how many bachelorette parties can dance on the head of a pin

Turns out Peter Garret *can* dance when our earth is turning.

also, for ten hours:


I can't stop watching this.
Adham Nu'man
I've watched this at least 6 times today.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This place seems a bit.. dodgy.
However everyone is so obviously massively high I'm sure it has a very genial and friendly atmosphere.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Also guy at 2.22 - drugs sculpted physique

Did guy at 2:00 sneak his own booze in with a gatorade bottle?

This looks like a middle school auditorium.

Is that Jim Norton at :40?

Most of this clothing and dancing is really reprehensible.
Knowing what I know about British popular music, expect at least one ironic airing of "I Got Two Two Two Pineapples Shake The Tree" at some point.
The Mothership
This is every club in Britain.
The hottest dance club on the island of Doctor Moreau
If I had some stars left they would be bestowed on you, my dear Montgomery.

Wait this is Britain, shouldn't it be Bounce by the Gram?
Adham Nu'man
Imperial units are still way more popular in the U.K.

In any event, it would be Slam by the Gram.

Billy the Poet
I told you people you'd miss Cock Spatter.
Billy the Poet
? Sparrer

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