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Desc:Sega fans will have no closure until Toe Jam and Earl 4 is released.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Dreamcast, Sega, funky, Toe jam and earl
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Jet Bin Fever
No way. I can't believe this exists. No way.
Koda Maja
I would have played the shit out of this.
Jack Dalton
By the way-- this was recently discovered and assembled by a guy who purchased a DC dev kit... You can download it somewhere and try it out. I never played the xbox version--apparently it is quite different.
Consumers in the 90s were not prepared for this level of funkification.
Those are ridiculously good graphics for the Dreamcast. It couldn't handle partial-alpha blending very well (due to the GPU's deferred-rendering architecture) so it's surprising to see so many alpha-blend effects in this.

I'll have to find a bootable ISO of this so I have a reason to dust off my Dreamcast, even though we all know that I'll play this for about 30 seconds and then spend the rest of the night blissing out to Mr. Driller.
aw, crud, the image requires an 80-minute CD-R. I only have 74-minute ones. So, do I buy a spindle of 80-minute CD-Rs (that I will never use) just for this one thing or do I spend just as much buying a 3-pack from OfficeMax?


It looks very similar to the Xbox title.
Jack Dalton
Did you like the xbox version? I love the original to death-- but I can't see the level design being embraced today...

This was for the xbox also. It was alright.
Oh different title I guess - looks EXACTLY THE SAME though.

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