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Desc:...accidentally reviews every other movie this summer too
Tags:planet of the apes, The Onion, sequels, reboots
Submitted:infinite zest
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The best movie review
I want to hear more from him.
infinite zest
He's great. Up until now most of his reviews have been in the Onion's typical satirical manner: On viewing Divergent, he can't understand how the actors don't realize they're actually not in an Orwellian distopia, and Gravity disoriented him enough to go his neighbor's dog. This particular one is something very, very special and I hope it continues like this.

Sudan no1
Yeah, it seemed to be about satirizing different internet subcultures in the first installments. For that Great Oz movie he was a sexist MRA/PUA type, for the Hunger Games review he was like a boy-crazy tumblr user. It's weird to hear him making sense.

infinite zest
To be fair I'm pretty excited for Lucy and Guardians of the Galaxy. Lucy because I like Luc Besson's stuff up until that Joan of Arc movie and Guardians of the Galaxy because, well there's a a lot of great comics out there that deserve film adaptations, or at least attempts. Also James Gunn's a good writer and director so hopefully it won't suck like Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Yes. I'm speechless.
I have watched this several times and find it no less entertaining
Jet Bin Fever
Just the best thing.
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