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Desc:If you have HBO and/or a DVD player and aren't watching this show, you need to just give up.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:bird, HBO, the wire, omar, best damn television show ever
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Comment count is 14
Best gay gang banger on TV.
this show is better than most shows
-1 for snooty, elitist attitude about this show.
Oh, who cares. Its like complaining about Arrested Development or Twin Peaks simply because its fans are slightly deranged. Shut up and enjoy some quality television. Or I'll eat your skin.

Well now I need more.
Offers no reason to watch if you aren't an existing Wire fan.
Its not elitism. People that watch The Wire just have better taste than you.
I'm sorry, but the show really is that good.
Omar is my hero.
Omar will kick your ass, and he's fictional. In season 4, he stabs a guy up the asshole with a shiv. This is because he rocks everybody's shit so hard.
Magical Man from Happy-Land
Best character on the show.
Omar = Obama's favorite TV character. For reals.
The Mothership
All in the game.
"I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase...it's all in the game."

Fucking....Best....Omar is the shit.
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